Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

The Sunny Christmas

Happy Christmas everybody!! all around the world, and especially you, yes you! happy happy holiday! hohoho. Christmas day... hmm there's always have a lots of story to tell, and everything are always good on christmas day! don't you realize, that every christmas not just only christian and catholic who celebrate it, but also EVERYONE yep everybody who have a different religion or whtver are also celebrate it too! So, i really excited if we talk about christmas, because it always memorable.. unforgettable.. and most wonderful time i've been waiting for whole year! hehehehe.

after christmas, we got new year! do you guys also excited for new year like i do? yup! I cannot believe in a few days new year would come. Many things happen on this year, there's a sadness mix with some happiness and bitterness and many more feeling are also come and go in my life this year. and im so happy i could thru this year with lots of lesson to learn for being a better me in a next year and later and later.. i thank God for everything that already happened in this year. (finally i know what friends means are, like who always there whenever im feeling so bad, awful, and anything on my dark side)

there's still many things that i wanna tell you, but i bet you already bored and judge-ing my grammar because its too bad to posted hahahaha. but i will learn more about it, i will add it to my resolution in 2014 (i will post my resolution in 2014 later! hihi). i do love everything in 2013, like every moment i had, every lesson i had learn, every pain that made me more stronger than ever. thank God, He still allow me for live until now. hahahah

so, i wanna tell you;


This is my outfit on my christmas day, i love to wear something read in december, because i do love christmas, and i love the euphoria of it LOOL. hahaahaha and then, the christmas gift i got from my brother and my sister, happy to have them.

i wear
Watermelon Jumper by @shopseeka (on instagram)
Red Velvet Skirt (my auntie's own)
Black Platform Wedges by PINX

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Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Collete & Lola

a few weeks ago, i went to Jakarta with my mum (but she's back home earlier) im happy because i got an amazing long weekend at there. i could eat some foods that i missed a lot! like shih lin.. bakso pak Kumis blok S, soto mie, okirobox, and many more! but on the gloomy afternoon before i went to PIM, i went to a lovely and well-decorated cafe which is located on Senopati (i didn't remember the full address, but you can google it) the cafe name is "Collete & Lola". you guys should come and try this one! because the decorates are so cute and photo-able (ahahaha, bad grammar).

they have many cakes, like; chocolate cake, cupcakes!, macaroon, and tart. you can enjoy eat your cake with a comfy places! i bet you won't ever feel like you're in Indo hahahaha! the price are still in handle for us, hihi. so this place are already in my to do list while you're in Jakarta. psst! they're not just sell a cake.. but they have a dreams for you hihi.

ps: i know i know its kinda too late for posting this. but this is worth to read! hehehehee

 look! there's an alien cake in there! what a lovely! x) 

 say hello to my brother! hihi

im really sorry for my bad angle or photo taken, im not good enough in take a picture, i admit it huhuhu. but for me its much better than my older post, ughh.
thennnn this is my outift on that day!

Thunder Sweater by Topshop
Plaid flanel long shirt by Uniqlo
Dark Grey Tight by Uniqlo
Folklore bag 
Black Platform wedges by PINX

WELL, this is it! i recommended this place for you guys. Happy holiday! HO HO HO


Senin, 16 Desember 2013


hello, pals! its been a very long time i didn't blog. ive been busy for task, and another thingy about university stuffs. so this is kinda very late post for tell you about i won the giveaway from limecrime and fimela girl!!! i was so happyyyy, because finally i won the lovely lipstick that ive been wanted for a long time! its like a dream come true!!!

so the challenge is: wear your pastel outfits. Basically, im not a pastel-o-holic outfits, so the challenge is a bit hard for me. because i couldn't find pastel outfits in my closet. and then! i finally found my lilac pants and creme crop top! hihihi. i also thank to my blogger fellas, Tita Chiquita which very kind for borrowed me her collection unique shoes (you can visit and find another collection at ig: damnawsm2) at first, i was too pessimist for have a chance to win the giveaways because there are lots of other girls who dressed much better than me. so i just crossed my finger and pray.......

i was speechless when i know that i am the winner of the giveaway!!! my friends, Cita told me that i am the winner (that time i wasn't trying to search whos the winner....) im so happy that time, so happy i could die for a sec hahahah (lebay). i still couldn't believe with the result. i could beat another OOTD girls off, sorry girls hehehe, Thank to God.

I thank to LIMECRIME INDONESIA and FIMELAGIRL for made me the winner!!! love the color, i feel like i am the futuristic girl, a quirky alien. ahaha whatever you wanna call it hehe


Kamis, 05 Desember 2013


im back again, with my weird habit to make an experiment with my hair.. last month i dyed my hair blue-green and now... i re-bleach my hair (big thanks to Dina for help me to do it, mwah!) finally i got blonde, but not similiar enough with what i want it, but i still thankful heheheeee. at first i want to make my hair turn to purple, lavender exactly but bad thing happened, i cant get the lavender color! soooo i dyed my hair pink at last.. the result are good, good enough for me. im so happy! although the color weren't pink enough ;-p i am proud with my own creation tough!

 (PS: are you looking for dots shirt like i wear above, houvu store have it! come and take a look their instagram (dhouvu) 

im blessed, im thankful, i got the lesson. many things happen in my life lately, and all that i have to do just to be patience in every single time. i got heartbreak, hopeless feeling. but life still goes on no matter what happen in a past. there's a wisdom quotes in Bahasa "salah / ngerasa sakit itu bagus, karena dari sakit itu kita bisa belajar untuk menjadi lebih baik untuk ke depannya." yup. i do agree with those quotes. whenever life bring you down, keep your chin up and be happy!


Selasa, 19 November 2013

Gloomy Among the Happiness

hello! hows your weekend guys? i hope everyone had a best weekend like me. it because, there's a Market & Museum "TROFLEACAL PARADISE" at Beachwalk Bali!! i was so excited to came into this event, it because i found a lot of good stuffs with a good price to buy, hihi :3
so, i went there with my blogger fellas.. and i found a lotttt of stuffs which i want to buy but i couldn't! x_x out of money, as usual..... (how extravagant of me....) so many things i have to buy this month.. and after all the argument about saving money until the end of month, i finally bought a flowery hat by Loony Store, which is soooo damn cute, and not too expensive to buy. i love the color, the flower.. everything! ;3

the participate tenants had an unique stuffs that you couldn't find in Bali. i thought its a great opportunity for Balinese to know more about brands that usually they just met in social media and finally they could find it in easy way without worries about the condition and quality. and i hope this event will be run every year from now on! because this events are too good to be missed for us here! ;-)

i was so happy because the weather on this weekend, its raining raining oh baby its raining...raining (hahaha, ignore me). Bali had a looonggggessssttttt summer every in this year (for me) until that day finally raindrops goes so heavy and i really enjoyed the weather. i hope there will be always like this.
ah btw, this is my outfit for my sunday.. i know i know its dark, black, gloomy ahaha but it fits with the weather right?! 

with my 2 blogger fellas, the super stylist boys i ever met! ;-P

round hats: Topshop (Kak Yonas's own)
jacket: street market
dress: Bamboo Blonde
socks: Topshop
Shoes : Dr. Martens Floral Boots


Minggu, 10 November 2013

smurf it.

hello, guys. how r y'all doing? i have a very very long weekend this week.. so i have a lot of time to do my fav things to do! so, lately i have a new clothing line. (hehehehe) its still progress for my first collection, but i do sell a lot of preloved stuff that you guys won't ever regret to buy! because every stuff are recommended and new look alike teheee ;-p basically, i want to make a clothing line because i want to expressing my passion in fashion and my creation. anddd i have a lottttttttttt of stuff that i never ever wear it to everywhere -____- so i think, maybe its better to sell it. and i can guarantee you every stuff are still good in condition and fabric!

my clothing line named d'houvu, you can find my clothing line in instagram and follow my clothing line twitter for more updates about new collection. please kindly check my clothing line or if you could follow too! ;-p for the first collection, i have skirts. skirts. skirts. and skirts. hehehee because every girls love skirts, either me.. so i decide to make a lot of skirts and i wish you guys are happy and excited to know my first collection!

here's some of my second stuff.. theres still another preloved stuff you can check on our instagram


Kamis, 07 November 2013


hello, pals! how are you? ive been busy lately, because middle test.. lots of task. so i have no time for blogging (sorry T_T) SO! lets beggin, yesterday (nov 7th '13) i was attending Fashion Show at Town House,Seminyak with theme "CIRCUS" by MaiKhanh Bertrand and Gooseberry Intimates with my Bali Fashion Bloggers. The Fashion Show was about Lingerie with a lot of creation and design. i loveeee the runway,the show end with success and the model were so amazing and beautiful! but the problem is, many people walking by around during the runway, why everyone didnt just stay and enjoyed the show. but overall everything were handled, i really enjoyed during the show.

and here's some picture ive took yesterday (sorry for the bad pict, i'm not good at took a pictures :c )
amazing hairstyle and make up presented by: Rob Peetom. great job!

and here's some fav outfits of mine when i saw in there

and kak Yonas's shirt!!! 

here's my outfit <33 p="">

dress : Vintage Market
Shoes: New Look
Earring: Topshop
Bag: Volcom

i had a blast yesterday, good show with good pals <333 p="">