Selasa, 19 November 2013

Gloomy Among the Happiness

hello! hows your weekend guys? i hope everyone had a best weekend like me. it because, there's a Market & Museum "TROFLEACAL PARADISE" at Beachwalk Bali!! i was so excited to came into this event, it because i found a lot of good stuffs with a good price to buy, hihi :3
so, i went there with my blogger fellas.. and i found a lotttt of stuffs which i want to buy but i couldn't! x_x out of money, as usual..... (how extravagant of me....) so many things i have to buy this month.. and after all the argument about saving money until the end of month, i finally bought a flowery hat by Loony Store, which is soooo damn cute, and not too expensive to buy. i love the color, the flower.. everything! ;3

the participate tenants had an unique stuffs that you couldn't find in Bali. i thought its a great opportunity for Balinese to know more about brands that usually they just met in social media and finally they could find it in easy way without worries about the condition and quality. and i hope this event will be run every year from now on! because this events are too good to be missed for us here! ;-)

i was so happy because the weather on this weekend, its raining raining oh baby its raining...raining (hahaha, ignore me). Bali had a looonggggessssttttt summer every in this year (for me) until that day finally raindrops goes so heavy and i really enjoyed the weather. i hope there will be always like this.
ah btw, this is my outfit for my sunday.. i know i know its dark, black, gloomy ahaha but it fits with the weather right?! 

with my 2 blogger fellas, the super stylist boys i ever met! ;-P

round hats: Topshop (Kak Yonas's own)
jacket: street market
dress: Bamboo Blonde
socks: Topshop
Shoes : Dr. Martens Floral Boots


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Avellia Anwar mengatakan...

this flower cap is so cute

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

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