Kamis, 05 Desember 2013


im back again, with my weird habit to make an experiment with my hair.. last month i dyed my hair blue-green and now... i re-bleach my hair (big thanks to Dina for help me to do it, mwah!) finally i got blonde, but not similiar enough with what i want it, but i still thankful heheheeee. at first i want to make my hair turn to purple, lavender exactly but bad thing happened, i cant get the lavender color! soooo i dyed my hair pink at last.. the result are good, good enough for me. im so happy! although the color weren't pink enough ;-p i am proud with my own creation tough!

 (PS: are you looking for dots shirt like i wear above, houvu store have it! come and take a look their instagram (dhouvu) 

im blessed, im thankful, i got the lesson. many things happen in my life lately, and all that i have to do just to be patience in every single time. i got heartbreak, hopeless feeling. but life still goes on no matter what happen in a past. there's a wisdom quotes in Bahasa "salah / ngerasa sakit itu bagus, karena dari sakit itu kita bisa belajar untuk menjadi lebih baik untuk ke depannya." yup. i do agree with those quotes. whenever life bring you down, keep your chin up and be happy!


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