Sabtu, 22 Maret 2014


whoa! so proud of myself. i got nominated from my blogger fella, Firda! thank you for nominated me, and as my promise will answer of your question. at first i didn't know what's all this about, until i search about it. and at last i am so happy for following this award! hihi

so, Liebster Award rules are:
You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you. Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with under 200 blog followers. You can't nominate the blogger who nominated you. You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

then, let's answer the question!

1. Why did you blog?
because i think blog-ing is fun, i can share what i want to share. it's like my diary of fashion in my blog :3

2. If you could change yourself to another person, who would it be?
i think i want to switch my life into zooey deschannel, because i adore her so much. she have a beautiful wonderful voice and eyes. i wish i could wake up and be her. LOL.

3. Tell me about your personalities in three words.
cheerful. moody. quirky.

4. Do you have any allergies? What will happened if you eat/touched by it?
i think i don't have any allergies, and i am soo grateful about it x)

5. What's your favorite outfit?
i still can't choose my favorite....because i loveee all outfits in my wardrobe! :")

6. Are you a day or night person? Why?
i think a day person. because when night comes i'd rather layin on bed and forget the world hahaha i'm so lazy, i know it.

7. Who is your favorite designer?
i have a lot of my favv, but mostly i adore Emma Mulholland and Mary Katrantzou!

8. What is your favorite color? And why?
soft color, and black. it depends on how good my mood now. LOL.

9. Do you have a song that suits your situation right now?
hmmm, phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better........

10. Post your favorite thing right now!
for now, this time. pillow, all Harry Potter's books and watermelon! nyaaam :3

so that's it! all my answer. it's simple yet describe all that i want to say. hahahaha, i wish you havin fun when read my answer and smile a bit. because that's respons i want from all of you.
and now, the parts i have to nominated!

My questions:
1. can you describe what's fashion is all about?
2. who's your inspiration? why?
3. what's stuff you want it so bad rite now?
4. if you have $1 Million, what would you do?
5. share the best moment in your last 1 weeks! (1 moment is ok)
6. do you have a quote for life? what is it?
7. who's your favorite band?
8. what's your favorite movie? and tell me the most touching quote in that movie! :3
9. tell me your dislike things in life!
10. what's your biggest dream?


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