Selasa, 25 Maret 2014

A Little Wild Trip

Bali's weather is crazy rite now. it so damnnn hot, i could easily melted if i was an ice cream maybe. so, i think summer has come too early in Bali. or maybe this month actually has already summer? hahaha i don't know :p such a shame.

a few days ago, i and bloggers fellas went to Bali ZOO! i am really excited for went there. because i haven't go to any zoo at Indonesia in my whole life. so, this is my first time yay! we went there, and really really had fun! we saw a lot of animals, and scared with them too. yeah, it makes me scared because we got a short really really short space with them. so i was afraid that they could jump and hang around us! ahahaha i am such a coward, i know. it's impossible to happen absolutely, because the zoo is definitely think about the safety first. hahaha ;-p

so here it is! let's begin the adventure!

there are still some of the animals. there's still a lottt but i couldn't took a photos because my camera already dead, my battery had ran out hiks.

and! there's an update from my hair color! i dyed my hair blue, but it turns out more like turquoise rather than blue, but it's good enough rite? i really really love how the color can fit my hair so good like that! thank you bleachers, you are cool. ha!

and my OOTD! *wink* *wink*

 photo IMG_9246_zpsdf69d4fd.gif

i wear:
flowery bucket hat - thrift hunting
white-black stripe top - GAP
long pants dungarees - thrift hunting
outer space tote bag - thrift hunting
black platform - PINX

i don't know why, i really really love to hunting good stuff on Thrift Store. in everywhere! and i don't feel embarrassed about that. because we don't see fashion in price or what brand it is. as long as we can make a great style and makes us feel comfort. why not?


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