Senin, 16 Desember 2013


hello, pals! its been a very long time i didn't blog. ive been busy for task, and another thingy about university stuffs. so this is kinda very late post for tell you about i won the giveaway from limecrime and fimela girl!!! i was so happyyyy, because finally i won the lovely lipstick that ive been wanted for a long time! its like a dream come true!!!

so the challenge is: wear your pastel outfits. Basically, im not a pastel-o-holic outfits, so the challenge is a bit hard for me. because i couldn't find pastel outfits in my closet. and then! i finally found my lilac pants and creme crop top! hihihi. i also thank to my blogger fellas, Tita Chiquita which very kind for borrowed me her collection unique shoes (you can visit and find another collection at ig: damnawsm2) at first, i was too pessimist for have a chance to win the giveaways because there are lots of other girls who dressed much better than me. so i just crossed my finger and pray.......

i was speechless when i know that i am the winner of the giveaway!!! my friends, Cita told me that i am the winner (that time i wasn't trying to search whos the winner....) im so happy that time, so happy i could die for a sec hahahah (lebay). i still couldn't believe with the result. i could beat another OOTD girls off, sorry girls hehehe, Thank to God.

I thank to LIMECRIME INDONESIA and FIMELAGIRL for made me the winner!!! love the color, i feel like i am the futuristic girl, a quirky alien. ahaha whatever you wanna call it hehe


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Linda Natawiria mengatakan...

congratulations! i love the colour of your lips<3