Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Collete & Lola

a few weeks ago, i went to Jakarta with my mum (but she's back home earlier) im happy because i got an amazing long weekend at there. i could eat some foods that i missed a lot! like shih lin.. bakso pak Kumis blok S, soto mie, okirobox, and many more! but on the gloomy afternoon before i went to PIM, i went to a lovely and well-decorated cafe which is located on Senopati (i didn't remember the full address, but you can google it) the cafe name is "Collete & Lola". you guys should come and try this one! because the decorates are so cute and photo-able (ahahaha, bad grammar).

they have many cakes, like; chocolate cake, cupcakes!, macaroon, and tart. you can enjoy eat your cake with a comfy places! i bet you won't ever feel like you're in Indo hahahaha! the price are still in handle for us, hihi. so this place are already in my to do list while you're in Jakarta. psst! they're not just sell a cake.. but they have a dreams for you hihi.

ps: i know i know its kinda too late for posting this. but this is worth to read! hehehehee

 look! there's an alien cake in there! what a lovely! x) 

 say hello to my brother! hihi

im really sorry for my bad angle or photo taken, im not good enough in take a picture, i admit it huhuhu. but for me its much better than my older post, ughh.
thennnn this is my outift on that day!

Thunder Sweater by Topshop
Plaid flanel long shirt by Uniqlo
Dark Grey Tight by Uniqlo
Folklore bag 
Black Platform wedges by PINX

WELL, this is it! i recommended this place for you guys. Happy holiday! HO HO HO


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