Kamis, 21 April 2011

when everything going worse

i don't know how to explain it, it seems like abstract. don't know when it was beggin and when it would end.. okay, maybe i must thank God first.. who gave me this situation, who made me to be mature and made me thinking how pprecious our Jesus.. i love you! hahaha.

okay, let me beggin.. we have known that trouble always come & go.. sometimes it come together.. i know every trouble always have an end, if its not happy in an ending, okay that's not an ending.i have trouble like other people, isn't it? when i going down, when i dont have nowhere to go for tell m trouble. a way that you have to or exactly YOU SHOULD do it is praying.. praying.. praying.. close you eyes, tell every problem that you have in your life..

if i could tell to you what i wanna do in my problem, i always cursing everything, i always regret why i should born in this world? WHY??? but i're realized, there's not worth it. useless. so all i wanna do is just be thankful, every problem have a lesson for to be learned.

like this time, i have many problem.. with him, with my activities, with my sister, my friend.. i dont know how to get ending, i dont know how to out those problem.. i'm feeling like die slowly.. like the world gonna leave me slowly.. i just desperately with all of my problem.. then i know everything that i have do, it's not made my problem will be done.. so first, i should put my smile, my broken smile to show the world that i'm alright, i'm strong, i can be patience.

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