Minggu, 10 November 2013

smurf it.

hello, guys. how r y'all doing? i have a very very long weekend this week.. so i have a lot of time to do my fav things to do! so, lately i have a new clothing line. (hehehehe) its still progress for my first collection, but i do sell a lot of preloved stuff that you guys won't ever regret to buy! because every stuff are recommended and new look alike teheee ;-p basically, i want to make a clothing line because i want to expressing my passion in fashion and my creation. anddd i have a lottttttttttt of stuff that i never ever wear it to everywhere -____- so i think, maybe its better to sell it. and i can guarantee you every stuff are still good in condition and fabric!

my clothing line named d'houvu, you can find my clothing line in instagram and follow my clothing line twitter for more updates about new collection. please kindly check my clothing line or if you could follow too! ;-p for the first collection, i have skirts. skirts. skirts. and skirts. hehehee because every girls love skirts, either me.. so i decide to make a lot of skirts and i wish you guys are happy and excited to know my first collection!

here's some of my second stuff.. theres still another preloved stuff you can check on our instagram


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