Kamis, 07 November 2013


hello, pals! how are you? ive been busy lately, because middle test.. lots of task. so i have no time for blogging (sorry T_T) SO! lets beggin, yesterday (nov 7th '13) i was attending Fashion Show at Town House,Seminyak with theme "CIRCUS" by MaiKhanh Bertrand and Gooseberry Intimates with my Bali Fashion Bloggers. The Fashion Show was about Lingerie with a lot of creation and design. i loveeee the runway,the show end with success and the model were so amazing and beautiful! but the problem is, many people walking by around during the runway, why everyone didnt just stay and enjoyed the show. but overall everything were handled, i really enjoyed during the show.

and here's some picture ive took yesterday (sorry for the bad pict, i'm not good at took a pictures :c )
amazing hairstyle and make up presented by: Rob Peetom. great job!

and here's some fav outfits of mine when i saw in there

and kak Yonas's shirt!!! 

here's my outfit <33 p="">

dress : Vintage Market
Shoes: New Look
Earring: Topshop
Bag: Volcom

i had a blast yesterday, good show with good pals <333 p="">


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