Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013


As you know, ive been course at Angeliqa Wu fashion design course since 4 or 3 months ago.. i got a lot of new experience about fashion world.. and i really really excited and enjoyed every class ive got.. i learn about sewing and pattern-making, fashion design and anatomy and also i learn about fashion history too! ;P i reaally-really happy when the time i have to go to course, and really really cant wait with what subject next. teheeeee

so lately, ive learn sewing. at first, i learn about how to make a skirt. my teacher said, skirt is the easiest to make rather than others, but for me skirt have some difficulty for me hahahah, but thats allright. i really enjoyed though.. so i learn how to make a pattern first, then how to cutting the fabric and then i have to sewing it by my ownself! i feel nervous at first, i dont want to get bad results, but we wouldnt know if we dont try it first, riteeeee.. and the results.... ah at least not too bad for the beginners aahahhahaha, i made a long black sheer skirt with cotton on inside and tulle on outside. i was regret because i choose the wrong fabric for the beginners, tulle really really hard to sew because the fabric is too silk, so you have to sew it carefully.. but i learn good things, though.. hihi, so heres the results, with my OOTD (haa)

after subject about skirt has done, blouse are next.... i could say... pattern making of blouse WAY TOO COMPLICATED FOR MEEEEE, you have to be carefully because if you make a one mistake even just something not to serious, the results wont be like what we want at first.. i really got a problem with many things ahahahahaha, but i dont care with all of the problem, if we like it everything could possibly done! ;) (my blouse is still progress until now and i dont know when it exactly finish.....) *cryyyyyy* *cry* *cry*

PS: im sorry for the noisy pictures... and my bad english...

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