Senin, 08 September 2014

Live under the sun, life never be good like this.

who doesn't love summer? admit it, everyone loves to run wild under the sun, with the wind going thru your hair.. its kinda a fun fun summertime right. im gonna tell you about my summer vacation! im going toooo Lembongan Island! UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER TRIP EVER! you should come there once. because you'll never regret it.

i went to Lembongan Island with my College mates, i stayed for 2 night and it was the best 2 nights on my entire summer holiday. Lembongan Island located near to Bali, you can go there with speedboat, take time 30 minutes from Sanur beach. ah! if you have seasick, don't forget to take medicine with you. in case, you don't want puke in front of lots of people, right? this is the first time for to go to another island with my friends, it because i never had a chance to go fieldtrip with my friends before, my high school didn't have the program yet -___-

So, i arrived with safely and a bit tipsy (because of the sea), the weather are good for swimming or another beach thingy. and i stayed at Pemedal Beach, located to Jungut Batu. in Jungut Batu, you will find a lot of homestay or bungalow, villas, to be reserved. you can choose one of the best of choice for you. the thing is, don't deal it when the price is still too high for your budget. anddd so the holiday are begin!

don't care about my "belang" skin, i just care about holiday!

 so here it is friends who accompany me to Lembongan,  sorry for not took photos every places i went, because i just tried to forget about phone a while. and prefer to take a break, and enjoy the silence..

my outfits when i was there! i just wore everythings that makes me enjoy during the vacation.

my last outfit, before i had to go back home ;( sadly, everythings are gone too fast. ;( promise will go back there soon and make every second are worth the spend!

so, which outfits is your favorite? let me know by comment on this post! 


Minggu, 10 Agustus 2014

love what you love.

flowers, i don't know why should i love it so much. whenever i wear flower pattern in my body, i never  looks ugly, yeah more likely i feel more confident when i wearing flower pattern, and this dress got my heart! daisies full print dress! i feel lucky when i found it on instagram!

 i got this beautiful on instagram, i should be tell you about how i love thrift hunting right? so this is it! this dress i found it in secondstuff store in instagram! still in a really good condition yet comfy fabric. i feel, i want to wear it like forever! hahahaha. i recommending this shop (on instagram) for you! because every stuff they have are worth the price, don't hesitate to pick your favorite! here's the detail of my outifits.

i wear:
daisies full print dresses - garagesaletoday
matrioshka temporary tattoo - potatoo
grey socks - Uniqlo
black 2 strap sandal - Birkenstock

i know, some of you are not understand, why a pair of Birken could be my choice for my daisies dress, if i could say, i would say to you because it's so comfy to wear! hahahaha there's no more good reason than this one, i look alike breakbot cover CD (a bit) don't you say so?


Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014

The Second Collection of D'houvu!

yeay! finally D'houvu second collection is about to come! so excited i'm finally work these things done, beside i'm so busy with the other thingy. the second collection is quite different with the first collection. in fabric or pattern. will upload the new collection soon on instagram. so i suggest, you better follow it now! i bet you never regret!

i'm so happy to give you many promotion if you buy my skirt, like what i want to give you right now. there's no valid for my promotion, the rules are simple. the only thing you have to do, only REPOST and TAG!

regram to your feed on instagram 
then, TAG my brand (@dhouvu_apparels)

i give you a free handmade scrunchies, if you repost my picture and ALSO buy one of my skirt, who doesn't need scrunchies? every girl do need it for sure! how cool is that?! so, let me know if you already repost and tag, i will give you free of charge!

and here's the next collection! 

i thank you for my bestfriend, TZ.for help me as a model of my new collection. kiss! X

i think, i will upload it on tomorrow afternoon, or two days after sunday, so you better do follow our brand, before you missed it!


Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

Flower Power!

hi! forgive me if i didnt post anything for very very long time. my campus activity got my whole day on this pass weeks, but thank God everything had finished, and now i'm in HOLIDAYYY~ as you can see on my previous posts, i love to wear everything that have flower pattern on it, i dont know but im in love with flower! everytime i saw flower pattern i just love it so much!

as you know, i have brand called D'houvu Apparels produced a lot of cute skirt. my first collection gone well, now i'm working for my second collection! who's excited?! will tell you more if everything are already done. wait n see! 

 photo FLOWER-POWER_zps9eb40daf.gif

 photo full-body_zpsb8bc5d96.gif

i wear one of my upcoming collection, this skirt is so cute whatever u combine with everything on your wardrobe, for example as you can see, i combine this with my green flower tee, and flower bucket hat, its colorful but not too much. my upcoming collection will out soon. so be ready for it! will post about it later!

 photo sandal-birkenn_zpsec17d16d.gif

i wear:
Flower Bucket hat - thrifted
Green Flower Tee - thrifted
Pink Flowery Skirt - D'houvu Apparels
Arizona - Birkenstock

 photo love-_zps83d76f34.gif


Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

A little Faith

Long time i didnt post anything, forgive me. it because i have lots of going on in a pass several weeks. so here it is, my latest outfit that i wore in my saturday night. i have no idea at first, but finally the idea was just popped up in my head for wearing this. so, do you remember skirt that i made by myself? with stars print on it? hmm, ok hard to say.. but i cut the sheer out.. its the hardest decision for  did that. but voila! finally i did it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

OK, i felt so desperate and sad. i dont know why, maybe that's a part of being a young adult like me? i feel a mid-age-crisis-thingy, im not really sure. but all that i felt that day, was only sadness, anger, anxiety, insecure and many negative thought. i just wanna cry, cry all day long. cry like you never cried before.. it's so random to be me for this year. i dont know, i just felt that way. runaway, renegade, and another kind of things always hanging around in my head whenever i got bad mood. it ruins me, it makes me like isolate my life with outside my mind. but i know, this is really bad for my life if i got used to be like this. i don't know whether you understand about what i feel.. but this all that i got to describe you about what i felt in last several weeks. heeheheee

i choose my outfits dark instead wear more bright color, here it is.

 photo Untitled-2_zps3693381e.gif

i wear;
spike denim vest - thrift hunt
simple black crop top - cotton on
star-sheer combination - DIY
vintage bag - thrift hunt
floral pink boots - Dr. Martens

i think that's all i got. it's hard to make a good mood everytime, but i never stop to trying to be better person!

have a little faith.. have a little faith in me.. 

 photo Untitled-4_zpsbdda7a22.gif


Rabu, 28 Mei 2014


so, im so excited right now because i got sponsored by my friend's brand! damn awesome Bali is a Bali based brand who sell a lot of unique and cool stuff! such as hologram bag, shoes, used to sell a tat choker but its already sold out! whoa! how cool is that? you should check their feed on instagram!

DamnAwesome launch new collection of their accessories! there's a stone bracelet which i prefer to call it gems hahaha because it more look alike gems for me. it looks so cool when you wear it with your dress or maybe your daily look!
background: rookie mag vol 1

background: rookie mag vol.1

background: rookie mag 1

quite edgy, right? yes! i do love at first sight when i got these. i just can't wait to wear and combine with my outfits! love the color of the gems which is so simple yet fashionable! i promise will post my outfits with these accessories on my instagram! so don't forget to follow my instagram! teheee ;-p

and this is my bad just posting about this cute nail polish! this is Nail Rock Caviar from Urban Outfitters, i got it from my brother. this is really really cute! there's a bunch of cute caviar on it! will use it rarely for sure!

 photo Untitled-3_zps7e1ff290.gif