Rabu, 28 Mei 2014


so, im so excited right now because i got sponsored by my friend's brand! damn awesome Bali is a Bali based brand who sell a lot of unique and cool stuff! such as hologram bag, shoes, used to sell a tat choker but its already sold out! whoa! how cool is that? you should check their feed on instagram!

DamnAwesome launch new collection of their accessories! there's a stone bracelet which i prefer to call it gems hahaha because it more look alike gems for me. it looks so cool when you wear it with your dress or maybe your daily look!
background: rookie mag vol 1

background: rookie mag vol.1

background: rookie mag 1

quite edgy, right? yes! i do love at first sight when i got these. i just can't wait to wear and combine with my outfits! love the color of the gems which is so simple yet fashionable! i promise will post my outfits with these accessories on my instagram! so don't forget to follow my instagram! teheee ;-p

and this is my bad just posting about this cute nail polish! this is Nail Rock Caviar from Urban Outfitters, i got it from my brother. this is really really cute! there's a bunch of cute caviar on it! will use it rarely for sure!

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