Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014

The Second Collection of D'houvu!

yeay! finally D'houvu second collection is about to come! so excited i'm finally work these things done, beside i'm so busy with the other thingy. the second collection is quite different with the first collection. in fabric or pattern. will upload the new collection soon on instagram. so i suggest, you better follow it now! i bet you never regret!

i'm so happy to give you many promotion if you buy my skirt, like what i want to give you right now. there's no valid for my promotion, the rules are simple. the only thing you have to do, only REPOST and TAG!

regram to your feed on instagram 
then, TAG my brand (@dhouvu_apparels)

i give you a free handmade scrunchies, if you repost my picture and ALSO buy one of my skirt, who doesn't need scrunchies? every girl do need it for sure! how cool is that?! so, let me know if you already repost and tag, i will give you free of charge!

and here's the next collection! 

i thank you for my bestfriend, TZ.for help me as a model of my new collection. kiss! X

i think, i will upload it on tomorrow afternoon, or two days after sunday, so you better do follow our brand, before you missed it!


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