Minggu, 10 Agustus 2014

love what you love.

flowers, i don't know why should i love it so much. whenever i wear flower pattern in my body, i never  looks ugly, yeah more likely i feel more confident when i wearing flower pattern, and this dress got my heart! daisies full print dress! i feel lucky when i found it on instagram!

 i got this beautiful on instagram, i should be tell you about how i love thrift hunting right? so this is it! this dress i found it in secondstuff store in instagram! still in a really good condition yet comfy fabric. i feel, i want to wear it like forever! hahahaha. i recommending this shop (on instagram) for you! because every stuff they have are worth the price, don't hesitate to pick your favorite! here's the detail of my outifits.

i wear:
daisies full print dresses - garagesaletoday
matrioshka temporary tattoo - potatoo
grey socks - Uniqlo
black 2 strap sandal - Birkenstock

i know, some of you are not understand, why a pair of Birken could be my choice for my daisies dress, if i could say, i would say to you because it's so comfy to wear! hahahaha there's no more good reason than this one, i look alike breakbot cover CD (a bit) don't you say so?


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