Senin, 08 September 2014

Live under the sun, life never be good like this.

who doesn't love summer? admit it, everyone loves to run wild under the sun, with the wind going thru your hair.. its kinda a fun fun summertime right. im gonna tell you about my summer vacation! im going toooo Lembongan Island! UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER TRIP EVER! you should come there once. because you'll never regret it.

i went to Lembongan Island with my College mates, i stayed for 2 night and it was the best 2 nights on my entire summer holiday. Lembongan Island located near to Bali, you can go there with speedboat, take time 30 minutes from Sanur beach. ah! if you have seasick, don't forget to take medicine with you. in case, you don't want puke in front of lots of people, right? this is the first time for to go to another island with my friends, it because i never had a chance to go fieldtrip with my friends before, my high school didn't have the program yet -___-

So, i arrived with safely and a bit tipsy (because of the sea), the weather are good for swimming or another beach thingy. and i stayed at Pemedal Beach, located to Jungut Batu. in Jungut Batu, you will find a lot of homestay or bungalow, villas, to be reserved. you can choose one of the best of choice for you. the thing is, don't deal it when the price is still too high for your budget. anddd so the holiday are begin!

don't care about my "belang" skin, i just care about holiday!

 so here it is friends who accompany me to Lembongan,  sorry for not took photos every places i went, because i just tried to forget about phone a while. and prefer to take a break, and enjoy the silence..

my outfits when i was there! i just wore everythings that makes me enjoy during the vacation.

my last outfit, before i had to go back home ;( sadly, everythings are gone too fast. ;( promise will go back there soon and make every second are worth the spend!

so, which outfits is your favorite? let me know by comment on this post! 


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Firda Amelia mengatakan...

Nanaaaa aku juga kangen! Hihi btw seru banget liburannya! Aku suka semua bajunya tapi favoritku set bunga-bunga biru. Lucu banget sihhhhh<3<3<3

Chelovanka Graciella mengatakan...

Nice dress!<3


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