Senin, 31 Maret 2014


i went to a newest-cool-place-to-hang-out with my fellas. named Salty Seagull, located near W hotel at Petitenget, Seminyak. it's really nice place, and have a nice interiors too! you guys should check this place out! they have a really really delicious home made gelato, with affordable price! so, just forget about the diet.

ah ya! i forgot about something! this is my new theme design for my blog! i know, i know it's too soon for change this. i got some advice, and i want to deal with it. because we learn and grow from mistakes, rite? so i goes simple for my themes would be better, and i will make more better post. I will hear more advice if you have it. just tell me, or maybe you can comment this post below!

this is my OOTD when i went there. it's quite simple, but i was in doubt at that time, for me. for styling tips this time,
when in doubt, wear black. 
sorry, but it's definitely work out for me.

 photo IMG_9173_zps546a3794.gif

i wear:
little black dress - thrift
dark brown parka - dhouvu 


Selasa, 25 Maret 2014

A Little Wild Trip

Bali's weather is crazy rite now. it so damnnn hot, i could easily melted if i was an ice cream maybe. so, i think summer has come too early in Bali. or maybe this month actually has already summer? hahaha i don't know :p such a shame.

a few days ago, i and bloggers fellas went to Bali ZOO! i am really excited for went there. because i haven't go to any zoo at Indonesia in my whole life. so, this is my first time yay! we went there, and really really had fun! we saw a lot of animals, and scared with them too. yeah, it makes me scared because we got a short really really short space with them. so i was afraid that they could jump and hang around us! ahahaha i am such a coward, i know. it's impossible to happen absolutely, because the zoo is definitely think about the safety first. hahaha ;-p

so here it is! let's begin the adventure!

there are still some of the animals. there's still a lottt but i couldn't took a photos because my camera already dead, my battery had ran out hiks.

and! there's an update from my hair color! i dyed my hair blue, but it turns out more like turquoise rather than blue, but it's good enough rite? i really really love how the color can fit my hair so good like that! thank you bleachers, you are cool. ha!

and my OOTD! *wink* *wink*

 photo IMG_9246_zpsdf69d4fd.gif

i wear:
flowery bucket hat - thrift hunting
white-black stripe top - GAP
long pants dungarees - thrift hunting
outer space tote bag - thrift hunting
black platform - PINX

i don't know why, i really really love to hunting good stuff on Thrift Store. in everywhere! and i don't feel embarrassed about that. because we don't see fashion in price or what brand it is. as long as we can make a great style and makes us feel comfort. why not?


Sabtu, 22 Maret 2014


whoa! so proud of myself. i got nominated from my blogger fella, Firda! thank you for nominated me, and as my promise will answer of your question. at first i didn't know what's all this about, until i search about it. and at last i am so happy for following this award! hihi

so, Liebster Award rules are:
You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you. Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with under 200 blog followers. You can't nominate the blogger who nominated you. You must inform the nominees that have been nominated.

then, let's answer the question!

1. Why did you blog?
because i think blog-ing is fun, i can share what i want to share. it's like my diary of fashion in my blog :3

2. If you could change yourself to another person, who would it be?
i think i want to switch my life into zooey deschannel, because i adore her so much. she have a beautiful wonderful voice and eyes. i wish i could wake up and be her. LOL.

3. Tell me about your personalities in three words.
cheerful. moody. quirky.

4. Do you have any allergies? What will happened if you eat/touched by it?
i think i don't have any allergies, and i am soo grateful about it x)

5. What's your favorite outfit?
i still can't choose my favorite....because i loveee all outfits in my wardrobe! :")

6. Are you a day or night person? Why?
i think a day person. because when night comes i'd rather layin on bed and forget the world hahaha i'm so lazy, i know it.

7. Who is your favorite designer?
i have a lot of my favv, but mostly i adore Emma Mulholland and Mary Katrantzou!

8. What is your favorite color? And why?
soft color, and black. it depends on how good my mood now. LOL.

9. Do you have a song that suits your situation right now?
hmmm, phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better........

10. Post your favorite thing right now!
for now, this time. pillow, all Harry Potter's books and watermelon! nyaaam :3

so that's it! all my answer. it's simple yet describe all that i want to say. hahahaha, i wish you havin fun when read my answer and smile a bit. because that's respons i want from all of you.
and now, the parts i have to nominated!

My questions:
1. can you describe what's fashion is all about?
2. who's your inspiration? why?
3. what's stuff you want it so bad rite now?
4. if you have $1 Million, what would you do?
5. share the best moment in your last 1 weeks! (1 moment is ok)
6. do you have a quote for life? what is it?
7. who's your favorite band?
8. what's your favorite movie? and tell me the most touching quote in that movie! :3
9. tell me your dislike things in life!
10. what's your biggest dream?


Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

faces in one face.

on my 4th semester in my studies, i've got psychology communication. so it's really fun subject, because we learn about people. how people act or what it mean. it's not easy as we can see or think. it more harder than you think. it's interest me a lot, about it.

so, my lecturer gave my class task for watch and review a movie. the movie named "Sybill". it's about a girl who have a DID (dissociable identity disorder) a.k.a multiple personality. have u heard about that? it sounds very weird for me at first. because it's still out of my mind when think about people who have a lot of personalities in her own self. it's kind of a funny story for me. but, actually there's a lot of people who have that. and i'm really sorry for what i've been thinking, and i do appreciate them.

so, i watched 'Sybil' with a bunch shocked. there's much going on in my head, like why should she could be like that. isn't it scary much when yourself not in your ownself! (i know i think you're not understand what i said, me either). maybe some of you will be shocked too when watch this film. the duration of this movie is..... 3hours. yes, 3hours. so you better grab a bunch of popcorn and enjoy the film. it didn't bored me when i watched because i love something new, so it's got my interest. this is one of psychology movie that i ever watched. a few years ago, i already post about another psychology movie named "Black Swan" same as 1 genre, but in different story.

this is Sybil poster, the year of movies is 1976, so don't get wrong when you download it. because there's 2 version of Sybil, Sybil (1976) and the remake Sybil (2007). i think there's a lot of the difference between the real movie and the remake. a lot of difference i think. because the storiy aren't the same as at first movie. and the time is more watch-able for all of you who easily bore with 3hours movie, hehehehehe. but my advice, you should watch the first make movie. because it's more good than the remake. 

this is Sybil. played by Sally Field (love her acting on this film!)

i actually not thinking about time when i watched Sybil. because i love how the storyline going a lot of curious when you watched it. so you forget about the time. its like killing time for me too watch this film, hihi. So, Sybil has 16 different alter on her brain. and that 16 alter with 16 different personalities and style too! it surprised me, how could it be. but it based on true story, well yeahhh okay i'll trying to believe it.. hehe. 

from 16 different alter, i really really love Marcia alter, because she's (Marcia) so cool. which she have  a very very dark (she really really want to kill Sybil but it always failed at last) personalities, i love how she dressed up (i couldn't find any picture of Marcia alter on google, so you better see it on the film hehehe) she really gothic, and i love it. then, i'll decided to dresses goth like Marcia look alike! 

 photo untitled-2_zps4ba04363.gif

i wear:
black blouse - unbranded
plaid skirt - thrift store
pink floral boots - Dr Martens

it's simple outfits for campus and it's some of my fav color! i really in love with dark color, i don't know why, maybe it's because i can hide my "medium" size of body in dark color, as you can see i looks more skinny, can't i? hihihihihi and here's my nail, i just bought new color of nail polish. the color are so rad! i love it, the brand named ORIFLAME. and the price is only 1.5$! so cheap and very good quality of nailpolish! 

cute isn't it?!
and i really really thank to my best pals in campus, Cita. she wants to helped me for took a picture ehehehehehe. I LOVE YOU TO THE FULLEST! X
and here's another photos of me.

quite dark and gothic? or not? yeah, this is how i describe me. me and my style hahahahaha so, i watched Sybil, i got some quotes are good and fits to my life. and this is the best quotes for me this time.

hahaha, i think that's it for now. i suggest you to watch this film, before you judge others about "two face people". i think you guys should watch this film first, because you will know the real meaning about that.

 photo Untitled-1_zps90fe30e1.gif


Sabtu, 08 Maret 2014

Dots Takes All Over

as you know, i have my lovely newbie brand. called d'houvu. but i think i want to change the name. i don't know. im kinda person who doesn't like something permanently, so i just kinda boring. but i'll tell ya soon what's my new brand or maybe i won't change the name at all. i don't know hahaha. so this post will talk about my new collection. PRE ORDER PINAFORE SKIRT! who's not love pinafore???? this item is so HOT right now! and i make those pinafore!

so, i only produce 1 pattern, Polkadot! who doesn't like polkadot!? Polkadot is one of trending pattern right now, having Polkadot pattern is a MUST on your wardrobe! don't be overthink to buy our pinafore! hihi

 photo IMG_9111_zpsf77aa686.gif

before you guys orderring, you MUST read the rules or whtver:
1. This is PRE ORDER, will close EVERY FRIDAY on 1PM. so, its mean there's no available items for pinafore skirt baby! X
2. I only have 1 pattern right now, and only 1 color. i still on trial. but i will recommend you some other pattern later!
3. The Maximum of making this pinafore is 2 weeks, count AFTER FRIDAY. but, i will try my best for done this pinafore faster than 2 weeks.
4. IT'S ONLY IDR 175.000!!! (shipping include from Bali)
5. If you're stiil have question or further information. feel free to contact me thru:
LINE: trisnawatiw
BBM: 25AB533F

so, what are you waiting for?! i guarantee you the quality are worth the price. so, place your order by contact me!!


Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

It Was Pleasure!

whoa! its already March! i cannot believe how the time rolled so fast.. so hello march! i wish everything's going better like past months. so! i'll report about blogger's event in early March. we held a Charity Garage Sale! which located at Jimmy Butcher. so, we really had a blast during this event. there's a lotttt of cool stuff we sold. be regret for those of you who's didn't came on those days. hihii, so here's the photos that i took. sorry for bad angles. but, enjoy it!

thank you for all of you who's already coming, it was nice to met you guys!
so, this is my outfits. for 2 days, of course (i really had planned about my looks for this 2 days, hahahaha)

my outfits on 1st day.

 photo day1_zps14d4c1c2.gif

i wear:
Boho Dress - Mr and Mrs Wardrobe
Turkey Hats and Turkey Pouch
White Socks - Uniqlo
Black Boots - damnawsm (on instagram)

so, this is my 1st outfit on Garage Sale. i choose to wear something bohemian style. because it looks match with my Turkey Hats. (gifted from Turkey). i think it looks fit for me. to cover some parts of my body which not good. so here it is. i hope this look will be your reference for medium size like me, ehehe but the point is, brave yourself to trying something new.

and this is my 2nd outfits on last day of our garage sale.

 photo IMG_8916_zps8590be13.gif

i wear:
"Made For You" Pastel Choker - damnawsm
1997 shirt - Unbranded
Pattern Skirt - Nassgorju (you can check the collection on their facebook)
Dark Blue Socks - Unbranded
Black Platform - PINX

on last day, i wore outfits which described me much. i kind of person who's like pattern so much, like to wear shirt, and love to make some experiment with black shoes. i just really really love to do "out of the box" idea. so this is it!

fyi, i dyed my hair again! i really really happy with the result. because it turn so blonde. like white blonde. and i do really really love it. i dyed my hair in double color. maybe it didn't look clearly, but i dyed my hair Lavender and Pink. so, voila! hopefully won't be damaged my hair so badly. *fingercrossed*