Selasa, 29 November 2016

Pastely Pink!

Hi! it's been a really long time since i have never post about my mix n match looks!
so here it is!

Pastel color has really trending right now, everything are in pastel mood. same as what i want to share with you!
for me, pastel color already got my heart since long time ago, but I wasn't often to wear anything pastel for my daily occasion, because i have my comfort zone with anything in dark color. but day by day, I have changed. i started to love something with pastel color. whether it's an outfits, building on pinterest or even quotes that have a pastel background on it (ha ha ha!)

casual comfy looks! 
i love to wear something comfy for my daily activities.
so here it is, i wear my pastel bottoms with DIY cut crop sweater
and i ready to go!

layering are so hype right now!
i love to wear something different but it's still look not-too-much to wear for daily.
this is Tsu Top from my own clothing line. and i put grey sweater inside for complete my layer outfits!
and sorry for my grumpy expression, because the sun is too hot to handle!

never go wrong with white shirt.
but white shirt are just too basic (but it's still good tho)
layering white shirt with oversized tank top
pair with neckerchief and hats, voila!

this is my styling tips for pastel color.
never afraid to wear anything you like. because after all, 
wear something that makes you comfort, then confident will come along.
see you!

Selasa, 15 November 2016


it's been a while.
2016 had me going ups and downs, but i know all the things happened never left me without lesson. i could learn something new, and always remember to be thankful about everything.
so, if you guys don't know about me, few months ago i did work for a local (clothing) brand in Bali. ugh 24hrs is not enough for 1 day. because not only for the local brand but also my own brand, and my uni lyfff. but nothing lasts forever. and i know sometimes everything won't going the way that we want.

lesson learnt! one lesson i've learn that i have to be more careful to choose some people to work with,  because we never know the one who just take an advantage of you and then leave. it's just sad, i used to trust everyone, i never had negative thought about people. i know there's always a good thing in people but not everyone has a good attitude at work. it's sad and it's hurt me a lot. i got disappointed. i was really down at that time. it's breaking me so hard. it's all about minor issues that's not that big thing to worried. i don't know what kind of "effective", because i did work my ass off. i really really responsible with my job desk, and i really really took everything seriously about my work. but at the end, i didn't get any good word but only "not good" comment about my work. like seriously? i used my weekdays time (11am-5pm) for did my work for those local brand, but it's not enough. it's always never enough they said. yea hooman never get satisfied, right? i was really tired for did everything with all of my heart, and i got nothing but disappointment. it made me sad, pissed off, stuck, everything, bad things. why does people just appreciate things? like this little thing, just show it with good word, it's not because of the money. i never really thought about it, i don't want to be naive, i need money, money for my life, needs, everything. but the main thing about all the thing that i wanna say just take a bit appreciation about others work. you never know the struggle with a lack of time. so, respect it. it's just made me enough. I'm done.

but, it's already done. I'm letting go the bad vibes, and now start to the new chapter of my life. i know everything happened for a reason, and i accepted the lesson. there is no rainbow without rain. it's not the end of the world for Nana.

Jumat, 15 Juli 2016


so lately, i've been very in love situation with the minimal color like black, white, nude, grey. i don't know why but whanever i went to somewhere i really comfort to wear those colour. it's been a really big change for me because, i used to wear colourful back in a very long time ago hehehe. i don't know why it seems like colourful outfits just.. too much for now :/

right now, I'm gonna share with you my style with black and white colour as my outfits-to-go ehehe
I've never been wear long vest before, i don't know why i never had one before because its really hype right now, and it will complete your whole looks, i never know before where to get the vest and actually i won't buy one if i don't feel it first yea I'm kinda picky with the material of clothes i had. but thanks to Jessica Rosd Bali! you are the answer of my pray! because i got the right long vest I've been looking for! good quality of material, then it fits well on my body which is you guys know that i have a not-too-thin-or-not-too-fat body. you guys should check their instagram, because they have such a beautiful collection and material. i love their design as well! ah and it also self manufactured, and limited stock! better check their instagram or Facebook while stock lasts! 

here's how i styled long vest. maybe it won't be special if i don't put the long vest, just a regular minimalist looks that you will find at pinterest, the long vest made it minimalist looks to the next level.

what i wore
Cotton On Leather Cap
Zara White T-Shirt
Jesica Rosd Black Long Vest
Long Denim Jeans by Local Tailor
Boots from HK

Laneway Festival 2016

it's a dream comes true. it's an early birthday gift. it's a really good start for my 2016. yup, i won the Laneway Festival ticket! everything won't be happen if my brother didn't tell me about the competition. I'm so blessed, and lucky! so i won 2 tickets for Laneway Festival. the competion held by Fimela, and i never thought before i could win the competition. because, you know there's other people who more excited than me and I'm surely their style are much better than mine. but after all, i felt like a really really lucky girl. i got a tagged of picture from Fimela said that I'm one of the winner! on that day, i couldn't be more happier in my early 2016!

Thank you Fimela for letting me won the competition. it's such a great experience for me!
check out my instagram for a 15sec video, i'm sorry for not makes any longer video because I'm just too excited until i forgot all these post thing :( sorry not sorry guys. but i could tell you tell the whole story if we could meet up face to face! LOL. it's my first time for travel outside my country alone. i went with first flight, doing all the check in by myself. it's a great things that i've learnt, even though i met my brother in SG for accompanied me watch the concert, but I'm proud to myself i could be as independent as it was! this also what I've been dreaming before, travel alone. at first, i thought it would be soo boring and i can't enjoy the whole days. but the facts, i enjoyed all the time!
maybe, you feel boring when reading this post but this is like my first experience and I'm so happy for every first-time-moment i had in my life and i want to share with you! :3 i will try to post more about travel later, i won't promise you but i will try..... because i used to enjoy every trip i went without any updates in my social media hahahahaha. but i'll try it later. and here's some photos that i (remember) took.

it's been a gloomy day at Singapore :( but it didn't make my festival-spirit go away!

I'm wearing
dhouvu apparel top
thrifted long pants jeans
MOV sandals

us the sibling at Laneway Fest! 

how i love the vibe, the crowd and absolutely their style! 

Sabtu, 16 April 2016


5th collection of Dhouvu Apparel

the idea behind this collection is to reminiscing the heritage of Indonesia; batik; batik is one of our culture's gift for us (the future) to be preserved. the collection will give you a variety cut yet simple details. the color palette match with 2016"s color trend. we are the future. we are #proudtowearbatik.

if you interest to see our whole catalog with the pricelist, contact me through:

LINE: @pbv9666y

Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Love Yourself

"you can be whoever you want to be, but you can't be more better than be yourself."

i don't know exactly where i get this words from. but it's definitely 10000% true! maybe in our life, we have a major crush with someone, whether its about how they look, their body shaped or maybe their life. but, that's okay because its an usual thing that happens in our real life.

as what i've been through in a pass year. how i really really got envy how others body or maybe their weirdness-but-cutey face. i used to spend like one hour per day just only to stalk other instagram who have my favourite face or body. it's kinda sad things to do, but in other way. it makes me more motivate to do something better. maybe not in the body shape or thingy, but how i dressed. i dressed not for pleased anybody, but makes myself comfort in it. why should i wear something tight and don't make me feel confident at all?

when i was strolling around Singapore. (yea, end of jan i went to SG to watch Laneway Festival. will post about it soon!) i'd rather wear something comfort than some clothes which makes me want to die soon. so, i wore this outfit.

a comfort linen blouse and a long pants. simple H cut long pants. and of course my nike to complete my comfort looks!
i never thought i could be so much different with this outfits. it doesn't look alike me, but it still me. hahaha kinda random thought of me, sorry

I got this comfort linen shirt from Jesica ROSD Bali. new clothing line based in Bali. i got a love at the first sight when i saw this blouse back when i went to their store. the blouse made by linen material which is really fits for sunny day! FYI, all the collection are specially made and design by themselves! how cool is that? so, i put a lot guarantee that you will NOT meet someone with same outfits like you!