Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Love Yourself

"you can be whoever you want to be, but you can't be more better than be yourself."

i don't know exactly where i get this words from. but it's definitely 10000% true! maybe in our life, we have a major crush with someone, whether its about how they look, their body shaped or maybe their life. but, that's okay because its an usual thing that happens in our real life.

as what i've been through in a pass year. how i really really got envy how others body or maybe their weirdness-but-cutey face. i used to spend like one hour per day just only to stalk other instagram who have my favourite face or body. it's kinda sad things to do, but in other way. it makes me more motivate to do something better. maybe not in the body shape or thingy, but how i dressed. i dressed not for pleased anybody, but makes myself comfort in it. why should i wear something tight and don't make me feel confident at all?

when i was strolling around Singapore. (yea, end of jan i went to SG to watch Laneway Festival. will post about it soon!) i'd rather wear something comfort than some clothes which makes me want to die soon. so, i wore this outfit.

a comfort linen blouse and a long pants. simple H cut long pants. and of course my nike to complete my comfort looks!
i never thought i could be so much different with this outfits. it doesn't look alike me, but it still me. hahaha kinda random thought of me, sorry

I got this comfort linen shirt from Jesica ROSD Bali. new clothing line based in Bali. i got a love at the first sight when i saw this blouse back when i went to their store. the blouse made by linen material which is really fits for sunny day! FYI, all the collection are specially made and design by themselves! how cool is that? so, i put a lot guarantee that you will NOT meet someone with same outfits like you!

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