Selasa, 15 November 2016


it's been a while.
2016 had me going ups and downs, but i know all the things happened never left me without lesson. i could learn something new, and always remember to be thankful about everything.
so, if you guys don't know about me, few months ago i did work for a local (clothing) brand in Bali. ugh 24hrs is not enough for 1 day. because not only for the local brand but also my own brand, and my uni lyfff. but nothing lasts forever. and i know sometimes everything won't going the way that we want.

lesson learnt! one lesson i've learn that i have to be more careful to choose some people to work with,  because we never know the one who just take an advantage of you and then leave. it's just sad, i used to trust everyone, i never had negative thought about people. i know there's always a good thing in people but not everyone has a good attitude at work. it's sad and it's hurt me a lot. i got disappointed. i was really down at that time. it's breaking me so hard. it's all about minor issues that's not that big thing to worried. i don't know what kind of "effective", because i did work my ass off. i really really responsible with my job desk, and i really really took everything seriously about my work. but at the end, i didn't get any good word but only "not good" comment about my work. like seriously? i used my weekdays time (11am-5pm) for did my work for those local brand, but it's not enough. it's always never enough they said. yea hooman never get satisfied, right? i was really tired for did everything with all of my heart, and i got nothing but disappointment. it made me sad, pissed off, stuck, everything, bad things. why does people just appreciate things? like this little thing, just show it with good word, it's not because of the money. i never really thought about it, i don't want to be naive, i need money, money for my life, needs, everything. but the main thing about all the thing that i wanna say just take a bit appreciation about others work. you never know the struggle with a lack of time. so, respect it. it's just made me enough. I'm done.

but, it's already done. I'm letting go the bad vibes, and now start to the new chapter of my life. i know everything happened for a reason, and i accepted the lesson. there is no rainbow without rain. it's not the end of the world for Nana.

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