Selasa, 29 November 2016

Pastely Pink!

Hi! it's been a really long time since i have never post about my mix n match looks!
so here it is!

Pastel color has really trending right now, everything are in pastel mood. same as what i want to share with you!
for me, pastel color already got my heart since long time ago, but I wasn't often to wear anything pastel for my daily occasion, because i have my comfort zone with anything in dark color. but day by day, I have changed. i started to love something with pastel color. whether it's an outfits, building on pinterest or even quotes that have a pastel background on it (ha ha ha!)

casual comfy looks! 
i love to wear something comfy for my daily activities.
so here it is, i wear my pastel bottoms with DIY cut crop sweater
and i ready to go!

layering are so hype right now!
i love to wear something different but it's still look not-too-much to wear for daily.
this is Tsu Top from my own clothing line. and i put grey sweater inside for complete my layer outfits!
and sorry for my grumpy expression, because the sun is too hot to handle!

never go wrong with white shirt.
but white shirt are just too basic (but it's still good tho)
layering white shirt with oversized tank top
pair with neckerchief and hats, voila!

this is my styling tips for pastel color.
never afraid to wear anything you like. because after all, 
wear something that makes you comfort, then confident will come along.
see you!

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