Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

Laneway Festival 2016

it's a dream comes true. it's an early birthday gift. it's a really good start for my 2016. yup, i won the Laneway Festival ticket! everything won't be happen if my brother didn't tell me about the competition. I'm so blessed, and lucky! so i won 2 tickets for Laneway Festival. the competion held by Fimela, and i never thought before i could win the competition. because, you know there's other people who more excited than me and I'm surely their style are much better than mine. but after all, i felt like a really really lucky girl. i got a tagged of picture from Fimela said that I'm one of the winner! on that day, i couldn't be more happier in my early 2016!

Thank you Fimela for letting me won the competition. it's such a great experience for me!
check out my instagram for a 15sec video, i'm sorry for not makes any longer video because I'm just too excited until i forgot all these post thing :( sorry not sorry guys. but i could tell you tell the whole story if we could meet up face to face! LOL. it's my first time for travel outside my country alone. i went with first flight, doing all the check in by myself. it's a great things that i've learnt, even though i met my brother in SG for accompanied me watch the concert, but I'm proud to myself i could be as independent as it was! this also what I've been dreaming before, travel alone. at first, i thought it would be soo boring and i can't enjoy the whole days. but the facts, i enjoyed all the time!
maybe, you feel boring when reading this post but this is like my first experience and I'm so happy for every first-time-moment i had in my life and i want to share with you! :3 i will try to post more about travel later, i won't promise you but i will try..... because i used to enjoy every trip i went without any updates in my social media hahahahaha. but i'll try it later. and here's some photos that i (remember) took.

it's been a gloomy day at Singapore :( but it didn't make my festival-spirit go away!

I'm wearing
dhouvu apparel top
thrifted long pants jeans
MOV sandals

us the sibling at Laneway Fest! 

how i love the vibe, the crowd and absolutely their style! 

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