Rabu, 28 Mei 2014


so, im so excited right now because i got sponsored by my friend's brand! damn awesome Bali is a Bali based brand who sell a lot of unique and cool stuff! such as hologram bag, shoes, used to sell a tat choker but its already sold out! whoa! how cool is that? you should check their feed on instagram!

DamnAwesome launch new collection of their accessories! there's a stone bracelet which i prefer to call it gems hahaha because it more look alike gems for me. it looks so cool when you wear it with your dress or maybe your daily look!
background: rookie mag vol 1

background: rookie mag vol.1

background: rookie mag 1

quite edgy, right? yes! i do love at first sight when i got these. i just can't wait to wear and combine with my outfits! love the color of the gems which is so simple yet fashionable! i promise will post my outfits with these accessories on my instagram! so don't forget to follow my instagram! teheee ;-p

and this is my bad just posting about this cute nail polish! this is Nail Rock Caviar from Urban Outfitters, i got it from my brother. this is really really cute! there's a bunch of cute caviar on it! will use it rarely for sure!

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Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Young Folks Talking 'bout the Old Style

so, i was kinda addicted with dress lately, i don't know why i'd rather wear dress than have to wear short pants. i'd love to see 60s dresses looks. its fresh, makes me more skinnier (LOL) and have a nice silhouette.. and kind of that. it's simple but its have a nice cutting, i don't know you understand it or not but yea that's all i could describe you why i love 60s style hahaha

it's so lucky for have sibling like my brother, who also doing things in fashion and works on it! so, my brother came back from Jakarta, and have a little holiday.. so this is my chance for ask him to be my photographer! HEHEHE. if you curious about him, you can visit his tumblr for his videoworks or his daily pictures on instagram!

this outfits inspired by 60s looks. like this photos below
source: the60sfashion.com

source: the60sfashion.com
souce: the60sfashion.com

source: the60sfashion.com

so, as you can see the dress are sooo sweet, i love how it fits in body. it looks good for curve body it will help you for make your body more nicer hihihi, and so do i. eventho my body isn't that kind of curve.. but i'd like to wear it, because it helps me to look more skinnier. there's some tips for you:

1. if you have a small waist, wear dresses with a details on your waist, like a belt or wear dresses with rubber on waist.
2. wear a H-line dress if you have a curve body but you wants to look more preppy, this H-line will give you a space for hide your curve
3. if you have a big hips, i suggest you to wear dress fits on the upside and flare in the downside, because the flare dress will help you hide you big hip (like me) and make your body looks skinnier!
4. and don't forget to trying mix n match with everything you like! don't be shy for expressing your style, because this is who you are not who you want to be ;-)

anddd this is my outfits. enjoy!

i wear:
dottie fleur dress - Allamoda2nd
vintage bag - thrift hunt
grey socks - Uniqlo
black boots - damnawesome_bali

as you can see, i really looks more skinnier than before right hahaha, but chill its all because of the dress and my brother, he's really good for took a best angle of me. the dress looks good on me, isn't it? i love the pattern, the detail of it and also the color! and you have to be surprise when know the price. its only about IDR 80k! cheap and its so comfy to wear. 

this is one of my hobby since a long time ago, i think since junior high school, i love to hunting some good stuff in thrift store or thrift market. because, you will find treasure if you want to find it. hahaahahaha, moreover, the price areeee soooooooooo delightful! hahaha where else you can find some good outfits with the price under IDR 50k? it's the one and only at thrift store! and you can bargain more cheaper! thrift hunt doesn't bad enough, do they? so, happy hunting!

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Rabu, 14 Mei 2014

D'houvu First Collection!

yay! today is the day! 14.05.2014. i'm so happy finally i could launch my very first collection of my brand, which is all of it are skirts. and i love skirts. every girls love skirts, and its just boom! finally! after a few months passed and i got nothing progress for my brand, and finally i could do it now! and i satisfied with the result! :3

i don't know what i supposed to say in a word for describe my thankfulness for everyone who also help me for did my first collection done! i thank for:

Collin & Tita (help me for giving me nice outfits that suits well with my skirt), 
kak Yosua (thank you for helping me do the photoshoot! without your kindness i got nothing again, teheee!), 
Glori! (the one and only models that i really really grateful for having her as my friend which is so kindly for help me as a model! thank you, gorgeous! X) 

andd there's still a lot of people behind of it who always cheer me up, encourage me when i'm really pessimist for doing all of it. and I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOUUUU ALL! I REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL FOR HAVING ALL OF YOU! THANK YOUUUUU XOXOXO, so here's the photos. if you interest, just lemme know by contact me on:

LINE (ID: trisnawatiw) or add me on BBM (pin: 25AB533F) 

that's all of my first collection, you can visit my brand's instagram for more details! or you can directly contact me on my line or BBM. ah! there's a discount too! who doesn't love it?! so, this disc only use for our FIRST COLLECTION. so you will get 10% disc of for every purchase.. but you can get 30% disc if you REPOST THIS PICTURE on below! repost this picture on instagram or twitter! then don't forgert to TAG my brand on those repost. (dhouvu on instagram and @d_houvu on twitter), then you will get the special price!

i'll waiting for your order, girls!

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Kamis, 08 Mei 2014


well it's already may! whoa time flies too fassttttt. and this is made me frustrated, so it's mean my final test for the semester come closer day by day! but at first, lemme say.. HELLO MAY, please be good for me! (whattt am i already mainstream enough or is this so last year? i dont know)

i've been busy lately, so forgive me for not posting much.. i wish i could have 56 hours/day. so i could make everything works on one day. hahahahah, lots of tasks, middle test, and other thingy. and because of my frustration, i'm getting more fat i guess, hiks. i just cannot handle my desire for eat everything. and this is suck. please help me, somebody. please. ah forget my "cur-col", so let's back to the topic.

can you see how cute are my outfits below? yes! this is so extremely beautifully wonderfully cuteeeee hahaha so what i wore on these photo are on of my first collection! look at the color, it's so cheerful and young! it's describe all my first collection. its cheerful, colorful, playful and young! so don't be hesitate for check it out! i'm sure you won't be regret, love!

 photo 7_zps3f9a24a7.gif

i wear:
1 set blue daisy - dhouvu
ethnic satchel bag - local shop at popies 1
pinkish socks - HnM
black platform sandals - PINX

i am so happy that finally, these days will be comin true, i just waiting for 6 months or more finally i could have time for my first collection! i'm sooooo soooo verry verrryyyy happy about it. i hope that you guys too! so, i will give you some sneak-peek from my first collection.. enjoy!

 photo coming-soon_zpsf17888f8.gif

will publish the whole collection on 14.05.2014 on instagram. make sure you already save the date and don't miss it!