Selasa, 25 Februari 2014


as you can see, there's a bit difference on my blog. yup, i re-edit anything. maybe for phone users, it will just turn to be pink. just pink. but if you open my blog from laptop or computer, you can see there's a bunch of my favorite things on baground!!! yep, there's a bunch of watermelon, i love watermelon, i really really love it. i love how it taste, i love eveything on watermelon! hahahahaaha (maybe this is kinda an odd fav things) so i decide to make watermelon as my baground, as you can see. ITS JUST SOOO CUTEEE, AND IT FEELS LIKE I WANT EAT MY LAPTOP RIGHT NOW. urrrgh, sorry for my weirdness. teheeee, i hope you like it too!

here's some of what i've on this month (yeay!) actually these are some of my wishlist. i am so happy this month, i am overloaded! thank you and thank you!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i made every photos on gif, look how madly i am when i just started know about how to do something. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

 photo IMG_9014_zpsf58f7df1.gif

 photo IMG_9062_zps2b53ed01.gif

 photo Untitled-1_zpsea623207.gif

 photo TURKISH_zpsadc1cc99.gif
this is turkish eyes. it gifted from Turkey. its like a dream catcher, yep something about protection us from bad things. the difference with dream catcher is this thing will make bad things will go away from you.

this is a good gift, i hang it on my room. hope every bad things will go really really away from my life.

hey! i just want you guys know, i and my bloggers friends will make a garage sale on this weekend (March 1&2 2014). so if you guys in bali, its our pleasure to see you on our event! its not just a garage sale! we will be donated some of our income, so it would be nice if you guys come and help others too! 

this is the map of our venue (if you still don't recognize where is it.)
check our updates on our twitter here , feel free for ask anything about our event!
so i hope to see you there, sweeties! 


Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

You is You.

holiday has already over. next monday my hectic life will be continue with campus thingy. neither excited like a freshmen, nor lazy. i just can't stop think about holiday. why holiday should gone so fast? lots of quotes said abt "when  we're holiday want to go school, but when school we want holiday" i choose to stay love holiday all the time, for me when holiday i never want to be end, and same as when im in school i want s holiday come fast. 

so, this is my outfit of the day i haven't publish yet in my month (yea, feb is always gonna be my month all the time!) maybe its too simple, but i love it. lately, i like for wearing blue jeans. not too skinny-fit, but just straight cut. because for me, skinny fits are just usual like others. its boring. so i choose straight cut jeans. i bought this edgy jeans on thrift market around Malboro street. if you're in Bali or you already stay in Bali, you should come visit these market! because there's a lot of good stuff at there, and the price cheaper than Pasar Kodok (for me). i kind of thrift hunter person, which meann i really like to hunting thrift stuff in many places, in Bali or Jakarta also. so it makes me happy when i go there and find some stuff that i like. kinda like happiness for me hahahaahah, still in good quality and good price.

"Fashion is not about the price, but Fashion is about how you do it." WHAT i cannot believe i made those quotes hahahaha, i'm not a quote person, you know. but is fits me better than other quotes about fashion. Fashion isn't just for people who have a lot of money, but fashion is for everyone. everyone who have desire on it, have passion on it. so just express your style, without care about what brand we should wear or what's hot trend this time. just be yourself. express yourself, be original, be you.

as you know, i really madly in love using gifs rite now so forgive me if there's a lot of gifs on my post, hehehe because i think it's cool. inspired by BIP LING, on of my fav fashion blogger. and finally i know how to make gif on photoshop! blessed me.

 photo photo-1_zps3c5f73d1.gif


photos taken by my brother

i wear
Polkadot Turtle Neck - unbranded
Blue Jeans - Thrift Market
Ankle Strap Heels - New Look
Folklore Pouch - gift from Turkey
Tribal Glasses - Urban Outfitters
Folklore Bracelet - gift from Turkey

i hope you enjoy reading my blog and never boring to come by, to see my new updates. because without you all i am nothing (???) please always note:

"Fashion is not about the price, but Fashion is about how you do it."


Senin, 17 Februari 2014

Spread The Love

everybody absolutely knows about the valentine's day right? yep, in February 14th which is a few days ago, i celebrated my valentine's day, with Cita! because for me,  Valentine's day is not just about two lover be together and that day, and only for that! but for me more than that.

so, i decided to spent my night on Valday with my bestfriend at campus, Cita! i went dinner together at KZU. located on Drupadi Street, it's a chill restaurant, chilling and healthy food, what's more than this? after that, we're hang around Oberoi, and drop by on ice cream booth for our dessert! what a night, i really enjoyed hang out with Cita. there's a lot of fun! i had a blast!

this is our dinner!

look! how cute this shirt! thank you Kak Yonas! for gave me this cutey crop top!
our desserts! mine (left) and Cita's (right)

 our narcism

this is my OOTD! (btw, this is my first try using gif! enjoy it!)

 photo WAAAAA_zpsf936121c.gif


Kamis, 13 Februari 2014

WELCOME, 19th!

maybe some of you still wondering my age.. so i am still 19th hahahaha i was born on Feb 13th 1995. so i'm still 19th and i'm still YOUNGGGGGG! hahahaha, so yesterday i celebrate my 19th birthday. it was one of my memorable birthday on my entire life! i'm happy because there's still lots of people remember me and cares about me.

here's some of birthday wishes from my friends and family. thank you so much!

and there's still lots of wishes that i couldn't capture it. but i received all of your wishes! i really want to cry bcs all of this! thank you for all my friends and families! i do love you so much!

then, my sister suprised me with beautiful cake! i really shocked, bcs i never wonder about having birthday cake on my birthday! ;-) and it just made my day, thank u sis! i had a blast!

(pls ignore my silly-face)

i am blessed, i had a blast. i can't say a thing, i just can say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!
thank you for be there in my whole life, thank you for those who love me and hate me. because from all of you, i learnt many things about life. thank you and thank you.

so, that's it! my 19th birthday! 
"being 19 is just once in a life time, so enjoy your 19th!"

Photograph by: Astina Photography

(PS: HAPPY VALDAY TO ALL OF YOU! today is a "lovey-dovey" day, so spread the love!)