Kamis, 13 Februari 2014

WELCOME, 19th!

maybe some of you still wondering my age.. so i am still 19th hahahaha i was born on Feb 13th 1995. so i'm still 19th and i'm still YOUNGGGGGG! hahahaha, so yesterday i celebrate my 19th birthday. it was one of my memorable birthday on my entire life! i'm happy because there's still lots of people remember me and cares about me.

here's some of birthday wishes from my friends and family. thank you so much!

and there's still lots of wishes that i couldn't capture it. but i received all of your wishes! i really want to cry bcs all of this! thank you for all my friends and families! i do love you so much!

then, my sister suprised me with beautiful cake! i really shocked, bcs i never wonder about having birthday cake on my birthday! ;-) and it just made my day, thank u sis! i had a blast!

(pls ignore my silly-face)

i am blessed, i had a blast. i can't say a thing, i just can say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!
thank you for be there in my whole life, thank you for those who love me and hate me. because from all of you, i learnt many things about life. thank you and thank you.

so, that's it! my 19th birthday! 
"being 19 is just once in a life time, so enjoy your 19th!"

Photograph by: Astina Photography

(PS: HAPPY VALDAY TO ALL OF YOU! today is a "lovey-dovey" day, so spread the love!)


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