Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Minty Mint

i apologize for forgetting abt this! so im so happy this month. do you know what? (i really really wants you already know about it) i got featured on "current indulgence" Gogirl! Magazine January '14 edition! whoa! its such a big honor for me to get in on one of popular magazine in Indonesia! i just can't believe it since the first time i got message for Gogirl! it used to be my dream for a long time, some of my friends also already wants me to get in on magazine, and now it's like a dream come true for meeee hehehehe.

ok, so i have to wear mint on my outfits. its start confuse me at first, because my wardrobe are full with dark and soft outfits! but, finally i remember! i have one mint shirt that i made by myself! eheheheee, its a long sleeve mint shirt. so here it is my photos.

i wore:
flower hats (loony store)
mint shirt
jeans dungaree (Vintage Market)
Dots Stocking (Topshop)
White Running Shoes (Nike)

it's kinda weird maybe, but i just couldn't describe my style more than this! quirky, colorful but still edgy and never afraid for do something unusual!


it's still unbelievable for me. this is such as great start for me to starting all of this. thank you Gogirl! for letting me in your magazine, and i wish i could make it again next time! kiss*


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Yonas Indrajaya mengatakan...

HITS !!!

Putri Valentina mengatakan...

love your shirt color and congrats dear :D