Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Think About ART. #ArtNight2014

last saturday was so amazing for me and my blogger fellas! especially for me, it because on that night, i joined my first fashion show presenting my brand!!! hehehehe, nervous at first but i was happy because it ends with success!

so i attended #ArtNight2014 at Oazia Spavodka Lobster Bar with Bali Fashion Blogger.

there's a fashion show by brand of bloggers!!! there's COCRAPARIS by Collin Paris, NASSGORJU by Yonas Indrajaya and D'HOUVU by me!! 

so, here is the photos. sorry for some of photos were blurred, im such a mess i know x_x

i'm with my models!! Mustard Skirt and Tartan Skirt by D'houvu X NASSGORJU. rocks! i haven't officially pulled out my collection, but i wanted to give a little bit sneak-peak for all of you. 

 here's all the models. cute overloaded rite?!

 *luv* and the runaways begin.. *luv* 

and our narcissistic!!

i had blast! i had a really really good time with my bloggers, meet new friends. it was a good time and good place. i wish i could attended more event like this! Ciao.


4 komentar

Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

great fashion show! i love the art!

Rosalinda Tjioe mengatakan...

Everyone looks striking and amazing! Looks like it was a great fashion show too x


Trisnawati Witono mengatakan...

@Wynne Prasetyo: thank u sweetie! X

Trisnawati Witono mengatakan...

@Rosalinda Tjioe: yup it does! thank u, sweetie! X

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