Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Midi Skirts Lover!

i think this is my first time for give you guys styling tips by me! hehehehe. 
i'm sorry if my mix n match aren't good enough but hey this is my style, so don't ever blame on me~ now, midi skirts are hot (again) now! and i know some of you are loveeeee midi skirt so much but some of you with medium body maybe confuse how to wear midi skirt without look more bigger than usual. yep. here's some tips from me:

1. wear your skirt fit to you, don't wear a smaller or larger size than your actual size. because it will make your body looks bigger 

2. if you love pattern so much, you can wear it pattern skirt, BUT don't with a big detail of pattern, wear the small detail one, because it won't attract people much. and small pattern will make your body looks more small eheheheee

3. shoes?  i reccomended you, wedges or platform because it will helps you to make your legs looks beautiful rather than you wear a sneakers.

like what i wear on photos, i wear pattern midi skirt with small pattern, loose shirt + sleeveless jacket jeans, and for the shoes! i wear platform boots from damnawsm store!
 if you guys loveeee boots or another unique shoes you guys MUST check their collection on instagram (@damnawsm2), good price and good quality (i guarantee you!) and they have another unique things that actually different from other online shop ehehehe.

so this is, my first styling tips. wait for my next tips! CIAO. 


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