Senin, 17 Februari 2014

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everybody absolutely knows about the valentine's day right? yep, in February 14th which is a few days ago, i celebrated my valentine's day, with Cita! because for me,  Valentine's day is not just about two lover be together and that day, and only for that! but for me more than that.

so, i decided to spent my night on Valday with my bestfriend at campus, Cita! i went dinner together at KZU. located on Drupadi Street, it's a chill restaurant, chilling and healthy food, what's more than this? after that, we're hang around Oberoi, and drop by on ice cream booth for our dessert! what a night, i really enjoyed hang out with Cita. there's a lot of fun! i had a blast!

this is our dinner!

look! how cute this shirt! thank you Kak Yonas! for gave me this cutey crop top!
our desserts! mine (left) and Cita's (right)

 our narcism

this is my OOTD! (btw, this is my first try using gif! enjoy it!)

 photo WAAAAA_zpsf936121c.gif


2 komentar

Yonas Indrajaya mengatakan...

so sweet sekeleus keleusan berdua, nanongskiii

Trisnawati Witono mengatakan...

@Yonas Indrajaya: harus dumsss

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