Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Minty Mint

i apologize for forgetting abt this! so im so happy this month. do you know what? (i really really wants you already know about it) i got featured on "current indulgence" Gogirl! Magazine January '14 edition! whoa! its such a big honor for me to get in on one of popular magazine in Indonesia! i just can't believe it since the first time i got message for Gogirl! it used to be my dream for a long time, some of my friends also already wants me to get in on magazine, and now it's like a dream come true for meeee hehehehe.

ok, so i have to wear mint on my outfits. its start confuse me at first, because my wardrobe are full with dark and soft outfits! but, finally i remember! i have one mint shirt that i made by myself! eheheheee, its a long sleeve mint shirt. so here it is my photos.

i wore:
flower hats (loony store)
mint shirt
jeans dungaree (Vintage Market)
Dots Stocking (Topshop)
White Running Shoes (Nike)

it's kinda weird maybe, but i just couldn't describe my style more than this! quirky, colorful but still edgy and never afraid for do something unusual!


it's still unbelievable for me. this is such as great start for me to starting all of this. thank you Gogirl! for letting me in your magazine, and i wish i could make it again next time! kiss*


Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Think About ART. #ArtNight2014

last saturday was so amazing for me and my blogger fellas! especially for me, it because on that night, i joined my first fashion show presenting my brand!!! hehehehe, nervous at first but i was happy because it ends with success!

so i attended #ArtNight2014 at Oazia Spavodka Lobster Bar with Bali Fashion Blogger.

there's a fashion show by brand of bloggers!!! there's COCRAPARIS by Collin Paris, NASSGORJU by Yonas Indrajaya and D'HOUVU by me!! 

so, here is the photos. sorry for some of photos were blurred, im such a mess i know x_x

i'm with my models!! Mustard Skirt and Tartan Skirt by D'houvu X NASSGORJU. rocks! i haven't officially pulled out my collection, but i wanted to give a little bit sneak-peak for all of you. 

 here's all the models. cute overloaded rite?!

 *luv* and the runaways begin.. *luv* 

and our narcissistic!!

i had blast! i had a really really good time with my bloggers, meet new friends. it was a good time and good place. i wish i could attended more event like this! Ciao.


Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Midi Skirts Lover!

i think this is my first time for give you guys styling tips by me! hehehehe. 
i'm sorry if my mix n match aren't good enough but hey this is my style, so don't ever blame on me~ now, midi skirts are hot (again) now! and i know some of you are loveeeee midi skirt so much but some of you with medium body maybe confuse how to wear midi skirt without look more bigger than usual. yep. here's some tips from me:

1. wear your skirt fit to you, don't wear a smaller or larger size than your actual size. because it will make your body looks bigger 

2. if you love pattern so much, you can wear it pattern skirt, BUT don't with a big detail of pattern, wear the small detail one, because it won't attract people much. and small pattern will make your body looks more small eheheheee

3. shoes?  i reccomended you, wedges or platform because it will helps you to make your legs looks beautiful rather than you wear a sneakers.

like what i wear on photos, i wear pattern midi skirt with small pattern, loose shirt + sleeveless jacket jeans, and for the shoes! i wear platform boots from damnawsm store!
 if you guys loveeee boots or another unique shoes you guys MUST check their collection on instagram (@damnawsm2), good price and good quality (i guarantee you!) and they have another unique things that actually different from other online shop ehehehe.

so this is, my first styling tips. wait for my next tips! CIAO. 


Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

first try!!!

i am really really excited about learning computer design! and voila! this is my first try in computer design, not bad for me. forgive me, it still not good enough, but i really love what i've done in my first try! teheheeee, so happy and i would love to know abt your opinion about my creationnnnn, so leave your comment bellow ;)


Senin, 06 Januari 2014

I wish.

well, happy new year everybody! may you have a great year ahead! i know its kinda too late for say it, but i think today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and on and on still in the euphoria of the new year, rite?! teheeee. New year, new hope, new resolutions. yup! as my promise i would share to all of you what my resolutions are. i know its a bit ashamed, but i already made a promise. Huf. Huf. Huffffff. so here it is.

sorry for my bad writing hahahaha.

I'll explain you one by one the reasons behind my resolutions.
1. Don't trust people too much. Because at last, it will hurts you so bad.
yea, i always learnt after i got every problem, in 2013. peoples are not too good to be trusted, because at one time when you don't know, they would stab you in behind, or maybe they also can stab you in front of you. pathetic. i should beware, because not every people have some expressions inside and their outside. 
but, i always thankful there's some peoples who always be kind and accept for who i am without judge me in my back, and they always support me whenever i'm going down, always there when i need their support. 
so, i wish in 2014, i will meet more friends who accept me for who i am, and don't judge me. talk bad in my back.

2. always SMILE even when you're in a bad time or not in a good mood
hahaha, i really really have to change my habit. i always have a bad mood everyday, i dont know what the reasons why i should bad mood, i am really really sorry for some peoples for got my bad mood, i really mean to y'all guys, forgive me huhuhu.
so, i want to change it. because i live not just by myself, but with other peoples. they never knows what's happen with me until i got a very very bad mood. so just be kind to other peoples, Nan. YOU SHOULD DO THAT.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT I HAVE TO DO IN 2014! i really admit it that my grammar and my English are so bad.. very very very bad!!! so forgive me about that. i will more learn about that, and i will improve it as soon as possible. *fingercrossed*

4. Run my own label
actually, i already have one. named "HOUVU". butttt, the thing is, my first collection is haven't come up yet. i still sell some clothes, used and new stuff. i promise!!! the brand will grow up in 2014, with an unique and unpredictable collection, just wait and see galss!!! don't forget to follow my shop in instagram and twitter for the newest update! 
PS: for your information, i have a nice promo for all of you! FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CITIES IN INDONESIA!!!~ so, check and grab 'em fast. the promo will end in Feb 28th 2014. So hurry up gals!

5. Love every people who loves you and more love-ing people who hates you.
this is another thing i MUST do in 2014. in a past 3years, i live in overthink. it because, i always and always think about other people who hates me but i didn't know what the reasons behinds on it. why are they have to hates me? what's wrong with me? or what should i do with them?. butt, in 2013 i am so thankful to having a lots of friend which teaches me lots of things that i couldn't know before. i learn that i shouldn't care about peoples who hates me, talking bad behind me, judge me, and other bullying stuff. i just don't care anymore. i just don't wanna be stress just only because of it. 

please, chill out haters. i know y'all just have jealousy feeling with me because my life are so perfect and y'all want to live just like me. i love y'all with all your hateness with me, hahah i don't careeee

6. Be nice to everybody, even they have two faces or more.
no reasons needed, this point has already clear. people with lots of faces, digusting. but maybe, they have another reasons behind it. why they have to be like that, or whatever. the only thing with people like that jusssttttt, be patience. and keep your chin up and keep smile whatever it hurts.

this is my 6 resolutions that i reall really want it to be happens in 2014, not just for 2014 but also for the next year after, and goes on and on. i still have a lot of resolutions for 2014, but i still concerned about it. hahahaahaha, afterall i still have a resolutions which i ALWAYS put it on my resolutions list, but i never never (until now) make it happen! the resolutions is, DIET! this is the hardest resolutions for me!!!!! because you know, lots of good food, and i think have a phobia maybe like i always want everything that i see on my eyes, in Bahasa i used to call it "laper mata" aaaaargh.. but in 2014, i really really really want to make the resolution happens! please pray for me, hahahaha!

but after all, the only thing you have to remember just...