Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Be Mature..

Hey Folks! i am sorry for not posting anything such a long time. and here i am, a fresh university girl. sounds like cool, huh? but not too much i guess. because university more complicated than school and it frustrated me much. I went to Communication Science of Udayana University (there's a story why i choose this university, but i don't want to waste your time ;-p) and then welcome to the university life. many tasks that i didn't know anything.. many subjects that inappropriate with what i have learn before.

first, i think university life would be so much better than my school life. then, not good  enough but it's more better.. hahahaha. i start to thinking about my future. i start to thinking about what i want to be in the further, but the more i think the more complicated things that i've got... "will i be success?" "will i can be famous someday?" or "what if, i'm not success at all and then i will die alone without money left for my kids?!" (hahaha, that's too much) but seriously, i cannot stop to thinking where i will be going in the future..

and then, i start to manage my time. and this is what i loved in the university, there's only one subject per day! and i am so happy for that, but some days are having 2 subjects, but it's okay. i love it rather than in high school you have to study about 7 or 8 hours per day, that's sucks. and now, i have a lot of time for staying in my home, sleeping for 12 hours hahahaha! my subject didn't stressed me like a physic, biology or chemistry. my subject are more like a social things, about how we're know about people, or troubles that happening in peoples and other things like that. i really really love how i learn more about reality rather than i have to learn about number or the other thingy. next thing i love about being a college girl is.. my friend, they're open minded persons, nicest person that i ever met after my junior high school friends and......they're as funny as hell. i couldn't stop laughing when i with them. they're quirky people, a bit nasty and i love it. i reeally really proud and happy for having all of them! i hope we're all will be like this until we have to work or something.

and last but not least, i really really have to change my personality, to be more mature than before, to be more kind than before.. don't take everything too emotional, and behave. because this is my new life, let go everything on the past, start to face the reality and forgive. that's the hardest thing i know, but i must do it, i have to be change to someone who never bring revenge with her, smile for everyone.. the important thing that you have to do yeah just be mature, i learn it in a few months ago. and i realize that there's no other way to start a new page or your life without forget and forgive the past.. so i will do it as possible as i do.

ah ya, i will give you photos that i have since holiday until now later. and i am really sorry for my bad english, i still learn though hehe have a nice day guys! ;-)

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