Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

dye dye dye

Holla! Im sorry for not posting anything in couple months, because i got many tasks before and thats frustrated me a lot. So, this is what i've done with my hair. I dyed it. Like a lot. At first, i think that was the craziest thing ive done in my entire life! Well, i don't feel sorry about it, i really happy instead.

For the first time, i went to salon for dye my black hair into pinkish. But the hairstylist were not sure with what i want. So my hair turn into red not pinkish that i want, but after all i still love it. Here is the photos of mine

There's something you have to know, if you want to dye your hair, you must let your hair get dry after the bleach, or bleach will damage your hair. And then, if you want to dye your hair pink, lilac, lavender, mint or turqoise anything you want. It will fade away depends on how often you wash your hair.

This is my second i died my hair, actually this is my first time i did it by myself, i've been watched youtube a thousands time to make sure what i will do that time haha     At first, i want dyed my hair green but i didnt got the color at anywhere.. Soo i dyed my hair purple and at last! My hair turn purple perfectly! <3 p="">
I still can't believe i've succeed dyed my hair, whoaaa! After my dyed was faded my hair turn chocolate, i have to bleach my hair again for got the blonde.. Because i want to dyed my hair turqoise. Actually in Bali didn't have many color, theres just base color like blue, green, purple, red, etc. So you have to be creative if you want other color.l

Look, i was so happy really really happy because what i've done but unfortunately it faded too fast.. 
Andd heres the latest dyed of my hair (i still want another color though) i dyed my hair green.. But it seems like turqoise a bit, i love it.

Wait for the next color, guys!

Thanks for your time.
Much love <3 p="">

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