Senin, 11 Juni 2012

The End is Just Another Beggining

well, after 1 month i had to waiting about the result of my national exam, FINALLY I'M GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!! yeay, congratulation for me! congratulation SY!! we've done it! we've passed a whole year on our senior high school well!!!!!! :' :' it's amazed me, when i knew that my school passed the national exam 100% so it means, all my friend were passed just same like me!!! :' i'm so happy that day, im so happy i could die. finally we ended all the complicated thingy, all the subjects that i didn't like, NO MORE UNIFORM, NO MORE RULES!!!!!!! FREE AS A BIRDDDDDDDD

haa!!! first thing that i want to give thanks for; my dearest God, Jesus Christ for blessed me all the time, and im so thankful that i passed it with great scores of my exam. thanks :'
to all my teachers who have taught me, scolded me, has a grudge, who likes to joke with me, made ​​me sad and touched and smiling :' i'll be gonna missing you all, all the flaws, desperate, painful. i'll be remember all of you my teachers.
for my all friend on my batch, YOU ROCK MY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL!!! :' i'll never forget about them; always cheer me up, when im sad&down. never tired when i'm bad mood, never bored to see me upset with some little things that exactly not important, hanging out with me even though i'm so noisy or something made you guys embrace. thank you, thank you for be there when i need you guys the most. maybe we wouldn't meet again or maybe we would be meet again, but who knows? i love you guys, be tough, life gets up&down. i will be miss all of you :') especially TzDemasKarlaMeidyKana and all friends on my 12th grade, thank you for everything, every thing that made me learn about something. thank you :')

i love that day, i love that day very much. i love the atmosphere about that moment... no cried around me, everyone were happy, laughing, i'm so thankful.. thank you God for the greatest moment in my life.. 

 and all this photo after we graduate :'

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