Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

heyhoo, whats up blogs? long time im not come to see and update in this blog. yeah, you know. many things happened, and made me busy all the time and cannot see any other things than the things i worked it yeah, i hope you're with all this word that i made hahahaha.

well, lets talk about it one by one. what's the first?
okay, maybe you guys know that all the senior students had to finished national exam. yeah, it happened to me and i was scared as hell! well, to be honest. i wasn't ready yet, i wasn't ready to many things that would be happens after the national exam. like; results of the national exam, the free day after the national exam, prom nite, searching for university that i MUST do it, and.......leaving. i dont exactly know whats the next plan after i had passed the exam, because...i just dont know. i just want to let it be happen, i dont know whats next would be happened, right?
when the exam has on, im just...............want to die as soon as possible. i already study so hard, but when i saw the question, i didn't know how to make the answer! #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail #fail hahaha so funny if i remembered it again.the exams done i got the freedom! wohoo, no more study, no more books, no more dizzy, NO MORE! HAAAAAAAAAH im so happy i could die!

 then, i want to talk about.....the feeling that always haunting me lately, for once i want someone to be afraid to lose me. because, im always the one who is terrified of losing the people that i hold close, but i doubt anyone would ever fight to keep me in their life. yeah, God's always fair to us, never be as perfect as Him. i have a lot of friend, i have the popularity on my social life, i admit thats the advantages of mine hihi.  but at last, just a bit of them who will fight for me to keep me. just a bit who have tons of cares for me.. a lot of things happened which can made me test who peoples that truly my best pals in this world. and i get, the best of the best who always company me and encourage me for the darkness time, and take me back to the reality that i supposed to be there, im so proud of my best pals, i love them until i couldn't loving anymore. 
'Be strong now, because things will get better. it might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.'

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