Minggu, 24 April 2011

i miss them, i miss every moment with them.

i miss them, i miss them, I MISS THEM, aku kangen mereka!!!!! kangen banget sebanget-bangetnya..
kangen nekadnya Irene, kangen oon-nya ina, kangen kangen kangeennn, akujugakangenAuraAnggaDodoAnusGungBagusEdwin!!!! aku kangen semuanya.. overall AKU KANGEN BANGET SAMA SMP! can i get rolled the time?
when i don't know how feels when i'm in senior high school. when i wasn't know how feels being too older,hahaha... i just wanna know HANGOUT ALL THE TIME! because that what we called teenager :p


hello, first! i wanna say..... Happy Easter!! He risen up for us...never wanna see us walk alone without Him, How I adore Him soooo much............
okay, last friday ago, i went to church.. that day was a day which celebrated when Jesus death on cross-wood (idk whether that grammar right or false :p)
really make me wanna cried, how precious He is.. saw His sacrifice for us.. never want replied, just want us to believe Him.. love Him, and always want us loyal with Him..
forgive all of my mistakes, J.. i kno there is a lots of mistake that i've been done..
i will trying fix it, and never do the same. and today, how glad I am, You were risen up!
Happy Easter, my big Daddy <3

Kamis, 21 April 2011


okay, Black swan is really great film.. it's about psychology film, about a ballerina girl who have a schyzofernia syndrome, she lived with her mother alone, and her mother always want her girl always be what she want, until she have join in selection Queen Swan.. she A ballet dancer wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan.

I thought, this movie is very good, because it depicts the story of children who are always on the bridle her mother because her mother's own wishes, in this movie portrayed how it feels to be someone who is always on the bridle and lead to stress and have two totally different personalities.

in this film are taught to always strive in achieving dreams never give up, always optimistic, must be! and this film also teaches that we should be confident about what talents we have, confident and believe we are the best!

dang! dang! dang!

hey, last sunday i went to Sogo Discovery Shopping Mall!!! shopping with my mum, TOPSHOP get SALE UP TO 50%!!! i was excited you know....... wow, but at that time my mood was not well as usual.. a piece of tanktop polcadot was in my hand,lalala...
ahahaha then i bought a shine legging at Mark & Spencer.. seneng banget deh beli baju baru, asyik-asyik.... baju baru, Halleluyah! this is my ring!!

and then i have mix match with my wardrobe and, dang!!! ;-)


HELLO, i wanna talk about what i wore on saturday night.. i have going to 21 cinema at Simpang Siur with my boyf.. it was fun! really-really fun................
i wear line t-shirt from GAP, grey-skirt, and black belt..
i watched 'Let Me In' okay i describe it this film..... IT WAS ONE OF THE SCARIEST FILM THAT I EVER SEE!!!!!!! huhh, you know after i've watched that film, disgusting. dizzy, i don't wanna see blood, anything about that, yaiyk!!!
and this some photo what i wear on sat-night :)

when everything going worse

i don't know how to explain it, it seems like abstract. don't know when it was beggin and when it would end.. okay, maybe i must thank God first.. who gave me this situation, who made me to be mature and made me thinking how pprecious our Jesus.. i love you! hahaha.

okay, let me beggin.. we have known that trouble always come & go.. sometimes it come together.. i know every trouble always have an end, if its not happy in an ending, okay that's not an ending.i have trouble like other people, isn't it? when i going down, when i dont have nowhere to go for tell m trouble. a way that you have to or exactly YOU SHOULD do it is praying.. praying.. praying.. close you eyes, tell every problem that you have in your life..

if i could tell to you what i wanna do in my problem, i always cursing everything, i always regret why i should born in this world? WHY??? but i're realized, there's not worth it. useless. so all i wanna do is just be thankful, every problem have a lesson for to be learned.

like this time, i have many problem.. with him, with my activities, with my sister, my friend.. i dont know how to get ending, i dont know how to out those problem.. i'm feeling like die slowly.. like the world gonna leave me slowly.. i just desperately with all of my problem.. then i know everything that i have do, it's not made my problem will be done.. so first, i should put my smile, my broken smile to show the world that i'm alright, i'm strong, i can be patience.

Selasa, 19 April 2011


she's one of my favorite, I adore her.. she is beautiful, her skin is so exotic. urgh, her name is Kimmy Jayanti. she had aged 18 years (what the?) she's already become a national model of Indonesia, huh if there is a shooting star, I want to be like her (HAHAHA) is really a figure which according to me pretty, pretty, pretty-pretty!

matanya itu lho, tajam setajam-tajamnya! hahaha aku suka ram
butnya, rambut yang keren unik dan berani beda, i love the way that she dressed.

After Softball..

I wanna talk about my activities at the end of March.. I go & follow PORJAR-Softball at Niti Mandala Renon field.. activities that are very impressive, because previously I have never followed these events, though I was just watching and give a little cheer off the field, hihi.. and I felt, I began to fall in love with this activites. I wanna learn more and to explore this sport, a fun sport!
little information, after PORJAR my skin turned into a very, very black! urrgghh ... I'm a little sorry, but I'm happy because my skin getting "more alive " LOL


hello, on middle of march i had photofun on my sweetest room and it was so fun! i'd wear my lightning thief thanktop and my jeans-hotpants, my shall (i wear it on my head hehehe.)
at first, i don't know what clothes and poses that i should wear and show it. because, i'm not in good mood. i was got a fight with my Yoga and i didn't how to smile then..

owya! i've just remembered that was night on silence day in Bali! did you guys are know about silence day??? that's a wonderful lovely beautiful night in Bali!! you might not get that one day on other place/city/town! just on Bali!!! :] which one day there isn't light, crowd, all of kendaraan (;P) not operrated. and!!! you will get any stars!!! oh how beautiful that day guys.....
there's some photos that i made on night in silence day! :]