Selasa, 19 April 2011


hello, on middle of march i had photofun on my sweetest room and it was so fun! i'd wear my lightning thief thanktop and my jeans-hotpants, my shall (i wear it on my head hehehe.)
at first, i don't know what clothes and poses that i should wear and show it. because, i'm not in good mood. i was got a fight with my Yoga and i didn't how to smile then..

owya! i've just remembered that was night on silence day in Bali! did you guys are know about silence day??? that's a wonderful lovely beautiful night in Bali!! you might not get that one day on other place/city/town! just on Bali!!! :] which one day there isn't light, crowd, all of kendaraan (;P) not operrated. and!!! you will get any stars!!! oh how beautiful that day guys.....
there's some photos that i made on night in silence day! :]

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