Sabtu, 28 September 2013

Back to an extraordinary me

I dyed my hair again! But now in a different way. I dyed my back bottom hair (idk if u know what i mean) i started with blue color, but the color turn to blue-green color. Maybe because my bleaching weren't fully blonde or white.. So the color are blended. here the photo, but im sorry if the photo werent clear enough X_X

I do love my new hair. It still healthy anyway. next time, i will do more bleaching for better color!! Stay tune for my next update, pals! :3

Thanks for your time!! X

Sabtu, 14 September 2013


this is my 2nd day went to the fashion festival! its feel like the butterfly in my stomach, because i really can't wait to see another runway!

29th august '13. i went there with my Bali Fashion Blogger, unfortunately i didnt have our photos together. so here it is, have fun! (sorry for the blurry photos btw)

Foxxy Clothing

and the runway begin!!!

Mr and Mrs Wardrobe are Bali based brand who own by my friend! Kak Nanta and Kak Rara, they made a lot of beautiful summer dresses. it fits for every age, every size! the fabric are so comfy to wear. the color are soo summerable! so what are you waiting for? come and buy the product! 

 State of Georgia an edgy brand. with a quirky style and a lot of color, i love the cutting of the outfits, its so fresh and young!

here is my outfits:

i had a lot of blast during the event, but i think was less publication, so a lot of people around there didn't know about this event. but the fashion festival MUST be run every year. because this event is worth to watch for you guys who love fashion. ciao!


Jumat, 13 September 2013


hi! so here i am, posting about fashion event on august 24th-31st 2013. this event were held at The Stones Hotel, Kuta-Bali. its sad because i coudnt come everyday :( theres a lot of designer who have wonderful designs! heres some runway ive watched. (i am sorry for the blurry pictures :'c )

in 28th August, i saw 3 wonderful fashion runway for 3 different designer.. and all of the collection were gorgeous!

my outfits on the 28th august

top : Green Army Velvet Tshirt by nassgorju
skirt : polkadot skirt by Topshop
heels : New Look

i really had a good time at there, meet new people saw a lot of different style. 

to be continued ..