Jumat, 13 September 2013


hi! so here i am, posting about fashion event on august 24th-31st 2013. this event were held at The Stones Hotel, Kuta-Bali. its sad because i coudnt come everyday :( theres a lot of designer who have wonderful designs! heres some runway ive watched. (i am sorry for the blurry pictures :'c )

in 28th August, i saw 3 wonderful fashion runway for 3 different designer.. and all of the collection were gorgeous!

my outfits on the 28th august

top : Green Army Velvet Tshirt by nassgorju
skirt : polkadot skirt by Topshop
heels : New Look

i really had a good time at there, meet new people saw a lot of different style. 

to be continued ..

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