Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

under the sun

'i love when the sun caught me.
i love when that shine tell me, how happy today..
i love when the sun take me to somewhere that i'd never been before..'

hello, all my fellas. so happy and so excited for do write on my blog, oh i started to love itttt teeheeee...
weelll, seminggu yang lalu aku pergi hunting photo againnnn.. at 66 ;)
humm, i went with;
my loose shirt, shortpants, my dreamcatcher and also my dear doc martens.
cuaca waktu emang ngga terlalu mendukung yah.. jadi ngga banyak foto foto yang bisa di jepret waktu itu, but here's a bit of my photo about that photoshoot. i hope you'll like it;)

DSC_0371 copy


DSC_0378 copy

DSC_0376 copy

Have a nice day y'all!
and Thank you!

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