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Bali Fashion Tendance 2016

Hi! it feels good to be back! sorry for the long long time not blogging :'( many things to do in couple months ago. so let's get back to the topic! last weekend, i went to Bali Fashion Tendance 2016. located at TS Suites Hotel, Bali. held by APPMI Indonesia. there's a lot of good fashion designer from around Indonesia came and showed their newest collection for 2016. i was really happy because i got a chance to watch the show. but sadly, i couldn't come in day 2 :(
btw, here some of runway shot that i got back then. sorry for the bad angle or lighting, etc. you know i am not professional :p

This collection from my coolest teacher at fashion design school ive been graduated. Weda Githa, i love how his edgyness with a lot of details on every outfits on that night! black and white as color scheme makes whole outfits more edgy! it's really really good combination between pattern with a tied details and layers. urgh, Kak Githa. you killed it!

love the dots details on back! 

 and here it is my outfits for Bali Fashion Tendance 2016.
day 1
i wore top & bottom from my fav brand dhouvu apparel
shoes PINX

"you can't sit with us."

day 3
top & bottom still from dhouvu apparel
shoes: MOV Shoes

when black and white are the only color we sees never wrong.

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