Rabu, 11 Maret 2015


adj. brilliant, intensely hued

the 3rd collection will brought you too seeing nuances of color, represent you that
many color are too good to be missed, like the beautiful chromatic variation
of the shiny day.

this is D'houvu Apparel's lookbook. so happy because finally my collections are out! it feels great when your hard work finally paid off. thank you for all peoples who supported me, and helped me! especially, Glori. my beautiful model, glad to have you! ;) enjoy!

collaborate with @andstoreid, they have a lottt of best outwear in town! check it now!

let me know if you guys are interested, comment down bellow or you can email me on


for get the catalog and pricelist. X

Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

Danjyo Hiyoji at UIFW

i feel very very very very...... terrible, it is very very very... loooong post since my last time i blogged, so sorry guys. because i already in halfway to my last project at fashion course. and also my  last 2 years on university. whoa! i never thought that time just gone too fast. and i already passed every teenager things, and moving forward to my future life! i start to think about what i wanna do after i graduate from my uni, and also, my shop! a bit left behind i think, because my task at course and uni just spend all my time. yes, 24/7.

but, back to the topic. it's very very last year you know, but i felt so dumb if i dont share with you. you know, last september i got an invitation to UIFW! Universitas Indonesia Fashion Week, i feel more high level than happy! (sorry for bad english, hahaha) it because this is my first time to attended fashion week outside Bali. and it feels so happy until i could die!  hahaha, the show that i watched was from Danjyo Hiyoji. designers from Indonesia, very very interesting and out of the box design! i love how the structure details and edgy cuts on their collection. and got my heart at my first sight.

credit to: Fuad

credit to: Fuad

credit to: Fuad

credit to: Fuad

credit to: Fuad

credit to: Fuad

and the other happiest thing happened was i got accompanied with my friends that kindly spare their time for me! it's Firda, Nabila and Fuad! i had a really good time with you guys, i wish we could meet in another time, SOON!

here's my outfits...... fyi, i made by myself for that day. if i say in Bahasa, it called "DEMI", LOL. soo yeah here it is!