Minggu, 11 Januari 2015


 i sink in watermelon, but i love it.

 Cocraparis has killin it! this dress is so good, and comfy to wear.

 be aware! watermelon gigantic monster!

 on that day, the weather is so bright and windy. i love my hair swing in every wind goes by.
i love watermelon, everything about it. and here they are, i don't care if people stare at me because of what i wear, i really enjoyed it because i love to wear it.

Watermelon Dress - Cocraparis
Watermelon Tote Bag - Cotton On
Watermelon Socks - Topshop


feeling so terrible for not post anything on blog, i've been doing lots of things and until now, everything haven't going to be finished yet! my big apologize for letting my blog neglected, hiks.

but, first. i'd like to say happy new year for all of you guys! i wish that you all have a better year than before, and make all of your resolutions accomplish for this year. 2014 was the unforgettable year in my entire life. i'd done so many things on 2014, a lot of moments that i never thought would be happened on last year. i was so grateful.

as i said, a lot of (unforgettable) moments i had in 2014, will post it one by one. ah, i just remember that i have some resolutions last year, but i think i haven't accomplish yet, hahahahahhaha but i still working on it, okay? X