Senin, 07 April 2014

Sweet Nothing

hello, this post will show you my outfits with my new parka! this jacket is so HOT right now! i don't know when exactly this jacket is so trending right now, but i'll admit it. this jacket will complete your outfits. hihi

soo, at first i really really don't have any idea what to wear with my parka, so i choose the simple one! i wish my outfits with parka will give you some ideas for wearing parka hehehe and for medium body like me, too!

i wear: 
polkadot turtle neck - thrift hunt
lilac basic skirt - thrift hunt
soft creme parka - shopatmarche
black-white sandals - Tita's Own

thank you for Tita, for borrowed me this pretty heels! luvvv it
as you can see, my hair turn into a different color (again)! wuff i dyed my hair into purple-lavender-ish color, i like it how the color blend into my hair. and i thank to Tita (again) for help me dyed my hair. but, maybe this is for the last time i dyed my hair (i guess....) because i already damaged my hair so badly, and i dont want hurt them anymore, qiqi sounds overwhelm but that's the true fact, and i think i'm ready to moving on. kya kya kya, wait for my new hair yaap! will tell you ASAP!

 photo IMG_9252_zps857b401a.gif


2 komentar

Putri Uli Saktina Pasaribu mengatakan...

Hai kak :D
Masih ingat saya?
Putri, temannya Dias.
Salam kenal ya kak :D
Aku udah follow blog kakak. Ntar kalo ada waktu mampir di blogku juga ya kak, kalo gak keberatan di follback juga kak. Hehehe makasih kak :)

Firda Amelia mengatakan...

I love the color combination! And yes those are pretty shoesss <3

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