Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013


okay, please wait. dont be in rush, keep calm and my newest project are coming!!!
so lately, ive been course in Angeliqa Wu fashion design course. i feel very excited about that, i really really enjoyed for do the course. so i wanna make a brand for my clothing line. but i still confused about the name, pls do me a favor if you guys have some name for my brand just contact me or just tell to me! hihi

i want to make some skirt. long skirt, short skirt. please wait! because its worth to wait hihi ;)

thanks for your time! X

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

long time no see!

its been a long time i didn't write this blog. lately, i moved my update into my instagram (@trisnawatiw_) and my tumblr. soo, just go there and check it out (i will be very very happy if you click the follow button too! hihi). i wanna share you about my latest activity.

many days ago, i went to watch the comedy theatre which has named "Bajak Laut Mabuk Laut" i thankfully to my friend, Widia. who gives me the invitation to go there! it was best perfomance. i love the comedy that they gave in it. such as a fresh joke around teenagers in Bali. hahaha (im sorry i didnt take any photos during the show:c ) it was the 2,5 hours full of laugh, good job! i hope this event wont stop here, and always have it in every years ;)

and here its my outfit when i go to those events. 

i wear:
top (Vintage Market, Bali)
necklace (Topshop)
abstract trousers (Vintage Market, Bali)

i dont know why, i really really enjoyed to hunting vintage market to find some clothes. sometimes (i think always!) you will get a lot of nice clothes. not just the design but also the fabric and the quality with cheap price. its just like a challenge everytime i go to the vintage market. 

don't be too worried about the clean of those clothes because we can wash it first before you wear it. no matter what brands we bought or wear, it depends on how we wear it. if its good, unbranded clothes will be more expensive than the branded one ;)

shoes by: MANC Shoes

thanks for reading! X