The seventies are definitely in the air with mini-dresses decorated with sequins and vintage-chic inspired prints. However, we can also spot the talent of Rachel Zoe to re-elaborate some of the retro chic elements and pierce them into a modern and creative collection to meet the ever changing expectations of fashionistas. Choosing the perfect shades was also a balancing act. In order to have the classy impact of neutrals with a few eye-popping color effects it was essential for Rachel Zoe to build up the perfect chromatic scale. The parade of shades includes black, ivory along with a tiny sky blue, red and berry.

The style godmother revealed her difficulties with finding the right hues, “I was obsessed with finding the perfect shade of red […] As a blonde, you have to make sure it's right." Mod fashion elements like the loveliest frocks will definitely engrave themselves in the style-consciousness of every aspiring trendsetter. Join the style armada in their goal to bring back some of the cult fashion trends of the golden decades. The latest collection of Rachel Zoe will furnish you with inspiration for your seasonal makeover.