Senin, 09 Januari 2012

how's your holiday????

wow, hello d00d! how's going??? yea, im fine. im gooooodddd as heaven on the earth HAHAHA. okay, thats too much.
let's talk about holiday! (the first that g0ing out my mind was..........FUH-UN!)
yep, i went to Jakarta with mum. (re:heaven) went to a lot offffffff mall in there! it was so fun! it was sooo different than Bali! i love to see many people express their style in around Jakarta, they're not shy to wear their stuff. and i always had regret, why dont i bring my weird stuff to here?????
i ate a lot of food that made me so fattt, Fat, FAT! because of my brother, uh-huh.
but that was such a good moment; unforgettable ;-)
i wish i had a lot of $$$$$$, so i could bought some new clothes. but i didnt :( sooo sad..
im sorry for not give any photos.. because i didnt bring cam..
if you had a passion or obsessed with fashion, you must go to Level One-Grand Indonesia
in there, you will meet lots of store which made by Indonesian Designer! many things that you will meet! from doll, clothes,shoes until lomooo..
maybe that place could inspired you to made many brand from Indonesia!
i suggest you to come in Picnic Shop! theres lot of cool stuff which you should have!
well, how about yours? as fun as i had guys????? i hope you're! ;-)

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