Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


okay, I want to regret it very, very sorry for what I do. I do not listen to the words of my friend. I just think their words as the wind.

how last week I received back 'E' into the life for me, I actually hesitated to give him a second chance. I actually hesitated to give my love again to him, because he did not seem to mean it or so forth.

after a while I went through with it again, I do not feel the changes that he Umbar-Umbar to me, but added he had risen and exceed even ugly nature of the first. I'm very disappointed for all that she does. he continues to make me sick and cry, but he himself who said that it will not hurt me again, will not betray me again, will not make me disappointed.

but alas, it all just talk nonsense. thank you has made me learn above all 'E'. hopefully you get a valuable lesson from all you've done to me, and hopefully you can realize.

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