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Xin Chào, Vietnam! (Part 1)

Well, I know I know I've been ghosting since last year. But, right now I'm back! YES, recently I had a time to take a new adventure to underrated place yet incredible place to visit. Everything happened because I have a motto for my life; get lost. So, I just directly clicked my website browser and booked airplane tickets to Vietnam for 11 days without any information about the country at all. yes AT ALL. I went to Vietnam with my travel buddy, Maira (Hi, Maichi!)

I never went to somewhere unplanned so this is my first experience ever to travel abroad without any tour guide at all, only Youtube Videos and Blogs!

it's been unforgettable trip ever, since I need to arrange everything in very short of time (I didn't have the planned itinerary) and it was soooo fun! Had to mingle with locals, rent a bunkbed that were cost only IDR 50.000/night. Tried local cuisine that were surprisingly good (if you know me for long time, you knew that I'm a picky eater and it's annoyed sometimes!) 

It's gonna be very very long post but I'll try to make it fun to read, i'll make it into few parts HEHE. 


Why did I choose Vietnam over another country? There's been a lot of agree & disagree about my choice of traveling. But after all, I made the best decision ever. I know there will be a lot of people have their opinion about it, but I'm grateful with the opportunity that I had to go there. 

There were a lot of lesson learnt when I went there. I still remember the first time I stepped in Vietnam, there were many impression, the good and the bad one. but I relieved, after a lot of night spent browsing YouTube Travel Vietnam Video, finally I was there. and it was such an unforgettable experience. 

I landed safely in Ho Chi Minh, usually called as SaiGon. I arrived in 7PM Vietnam Time.

Without any tour guide, map guide, only youtube videos about how to go to (my Airbnb area) with public bus :) Thanks YouTube!

and as you can see in my photos, yes it's only 20.000vnd / 1USD for going to the downtown Saigon! much much much very much cheaper than using other transportation. but the minus thing, it took so long. I have to wait around 30 -45 minutes until my bus to come. if you're in hurry it's better to take taxis or Grab.

After 20 minutes rides with really really heavy traffic in Saigon, finally we arrived safely in our hostel. which was so recommended! I booked the hostel at Traveloka, and they're nicely contacted me and asked us in case we're lost or did something happened

    voila! here is our home for the next 2 nights in Saigon! before we went to another city in Vietnam. Actually the room was for 4 person, but lucky us only both of us that were stayed during 2 nights. so happy! the room was totally clean, they have hot water as well. and the bed were also comfortable! as what the owner said, they want everyone feel like they're on their own home. yes it does! ;) 

The hostel's name is NEXT HOME.
(go search on traveloka, and find the best deals for staying in the heart of Saigon)

I was so happy to find this hostel, located in the heart of Saigon. You can easily walk in the neighbourhood and easily find many locals food to try. Instead of have a good rest to end the days. Maira and I decided to take a walk and try to find local food to try before we go to bed. and after searching it on google, we find a local food that were recommended near our hostels.

    it's called Bún chảBún chả is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and noodle and served with grilled fatty pork over a plate of white rice noodle and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce. for me, I'm not really enjoyed the taste of it (yea I know, i'm so picky) I don't like sweet main course. (DISCLAIMER; by all mean, I'm not saying it's not delicious, but this only for my own preference). but after all I like white rice noodle with a lot of veggies and their dipping sauce was so delicious! PS: I think Maira and I ordered a lot, since we're not really hungry, next time I suggest to orders Bún chả only 1 portion for 2 person since the portions is quite big!

ah here is the receipt that luckily I captured ;)

I didn't remember exactly what we ordered, but I think below our meals were price for 2 Iced Tea, and also veggies on the table.

After that, we walked back to our stay, and we had a good rest because the next day we planned to go to one of the most recommended place to visit in Saigon. I think that's all for part 1! Will post part 2 with our itinerary etc! 

Thank you for your time! Cheers! 

Senin, 12 November 2018


source: @punapibali (Instagram)
Celebrating 2nd Anniversary, there is 3 days full of surprise and gifts for all of you who came to Level 21 Mall last weekend (November 9 - 11, 2018). have you been there on the weekend? because I AM! and I enjoyed every second of it, i got Chicken Karaage for only 21 Rupiahs. YES! you read it right, it's only IDR 21! This is only one of many special things happened on the past 3 days. For me, it already interesting and unbelievable, until they break the record (from MURI) by doing 21 promotion! How cool is that huh?! And how I amazed by enthusiastic from all staff of Level 21 Mall to work together until the event were done beautifully!

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