Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

A little Faith

Long time i didnt post anything, forgive me. it because i have lots of going on in a pass several weeks. so here it is, my latest outfit that i wore in my saturday night. i have no idea at first, but finally the idea was just popped up in my head for wearing this. so, do you remember skirt that i made by myself? with stars print on it? hmm, ok hard to say.. but i cut the sheer out.. its the hardest decision for  did that. but voila! finally i did it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

OK, i felt so desperate and sad. i dont know why, maybe that's a part of being a young adult like me? i feel a mid-age-crisis-thingy, im not really sure. but all that i felt that day, was only sadness, anger, anxiety, insecure and many negative thought. i just wanna cry, cry all day long. cry like you never cried before.. it's so random to be me for this year. i dont know, i just felt that way. runaway, renegade, and another kind of things always hanging around in my head whenever i got bad mood. it ruins me, it makes me like isolate my life with outside my mind. but i know, this is really bad for my life if i got used to be like this. i don't know whether you understand about what i feel.. but this all that i got to describe you about what i felt in last several weeks. heeheheee

i choose my outfits dark instead wear more bright color, here it is.

 photo Untitled-2_zps3693381e.gif

i wear;
spike denim vest - thrift hunt
simple black crop top - cotton on
star-sheer combination - DIY
vintage bag - thrift hunt
floral pink boots - Dr. Martens

i think that's all i got. it's hard to make a good mood everytime, but i never stop to trying to be better person!

have a little faith.. have a little faith in me.. 

 photo Untitled-4_zpsbdda7a22.gif