Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

farewell party

Hello, I want to tell you about yesterday's event Saturday parting with my friends. my best friend, wise and most fair will move the school, I was very sad when I discovered she would move the school, and I knew I would be very difficult to get to meet her, very hard (for help in underline)

yes, her name is kana. has curly hair and I loved it, she is very smart, she grew up, she was always there to mediate problems between my friends, she never made us upset, she always accepted her as it is, and always taught us to accept ourselves what it is ..

I would very very very missed, I would be very very very remember, me and my friends will surely miss her ..

oh kana, do not forget us ya! I hope you have many friends there, and we love youuuu! :)

ini Kanaaa :D

kalo ini, aku lagi sama Kanaaaa :D

kalo ini lagi farewell partynyaa :)

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